Shopper reveals huge saving on Toblerone at Coles after reading label carefully

Why you should always check supermarket labels closely for mistakes – and how it can save you on every shop

  • A man has picked up a $1.50 Toblerone at Coles
  • He wants shoppers to check their tags

A chocolate lover has bagged a bargain after noticing an error on a ‘special’ tag while shopping at Coles.

The shopper scored an orange flavoured Toblerone for just $1.50 – despite the special being two for $16.

‘Sometimes it pays to read labels,’ he said, sharing a picture of the misprinted tag and his chocolate bar.

The Toblerone bar was a special 360gram version and is no longer available on the Coles website.

Other varieties, including the original flavour in 360grams are, and cos $12 on special highlighting the amazing buy.

A shopper has shared this picture – proving attention to detail is important when heading to the supermarket 

50gram versions on the popular chocolate are also on sale – for $2.

The man posted his sweet find on the Markdown Addicts Facebook group to remind everyone that attention to detail can be rewarding even at the supermarket.


Do you double check the sale tags at the supermarket?

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People were excite by the helpful post.

‘Oh my…. I’m going to be on the hunt for these now,’ one person said.

The shopper confirmed he only paid $1.50 for the chocolate and the supermarket was happy to honour the price on the tag.

‘You watch the workers now are going to wonder why a whole community across Australia are suddenly getting close reading tags all down the aisles at the register,’ one woman wrote on the post.

‘Yep my shopping is now going to take so much longer reading all these labels,’ wrote another.

Others admitted they are spaced out’ when they head to the shops.

Another shopper shared a snap of a tag they had noticed days before - revealing errors happen often

Another shopper shared a snap of a tag they had noticed days before – revealing errors happen often 

‘I am definitely going to have to concentrate now,’ wrote one.

Another person shared their own misprinted tag which showed two bags of Fruit Tingles for $6 or one for $2.04.

This excited shoppers further.

‘Once is luck – twice.. well it could happen again and again. This is the best hack ever,’ said another.

The popular Facebook page attracts dozens of hacks, bargain items and posts bragging about cheap hauls each day.