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Shoppers are blow away by how well this eyelash growth serum works

‘My lashes have never been so long!’: Shoppers are blown away by how well this eyelash serum promotes growth – even with extension-damaged lashes

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Looking for an eyelash growth serum that actually works? Hundreds of Amazon shoppers are raving about the NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum that they claim is a ‘miracle’ for longer, fuller lashes. In fact, they say it’s so good it brings extension-damaged eyelashes back to life.

Over 1,700 beauty lovers have given the vegan-friendly and cruelty-free growth serum a five-star rating, making it one of the retailer’s bestselling eyelash treatments – and it’s easy to see why shoppers love it.

Reviewers call the eyelash serum ‘the best’ for ‘eyelashes to die for’ and describe the change they see in their lashes as ‘incredible’.

Amazon shoppers are raving about the NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum (£44.95) that they claim is a ‘miracle’ for longer, fuller lashes

The NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum (£44.95) is blended with a slew of natural growth-stimulating and strengthening ingredients to enhance the look of lash length, thickness and fullness.

With promises of lashes up to three times longer with continued use, the brand claims that applied twice daily to the roots, users will see ‘amazing results’ after four weeks. However, some Amazon customers have reported visibly longer and thicker eyelashes in as little as two weeks.

Overall, reviewers attest to its claims, sharing praised-filled reviews and impressive before and after photos using the NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum. 


  • Biotin: Helps stimulate keratin production, the protein that makeups up hair and increases the rate of stem cell and follicle regrowth
  • Vitamin B3: Stimulates eyelash growth and prevent lashes from drying out
  • Swertia japonica extract: High in antioxidants, it promotes thick hair, and protects against damage
  • Panax ginseng: An effective hair thickener, helping to reinforce eyelash growth

Others note how it’s worth every penny and better than other growth serums they’ve tried.

‘Wow! Totally blown away by this product!’ one shopper wrote. ‘I was dubious to start with, surely this won’t work, but it does!

‘I’ve always had lots of lashes, but they’re very short. I’ve had individual lashes for years but decided they were damaging my natural lashes and turned to NYK1.

‘I religiously apply the serum day and night, and my lashes have never been so long!! It took a few weeks to see the difference, but I persevered, and WOW, it really does work.’

They added: ‘I’m not one for writing reviews, but this company deserves it. I no longer need any false lashes! 

‘I’ve already bought a second tube in case I run out, but my first one is still going!’

Another shopper wrote: ‘I’ve been using the NYK1 lash serum for about 10 weeks and can’t believe the difference. 

‘My lashes are fuller longer and darker. I used to have lash extensions but will not be going back to having them again.’

A third agreed, writing: ‘The best eyelash serum I’ve ever used. Fast results and good price. Definitely recommend it!’