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Shoptalk conference 2020

Shoptalk is the largest retail and e-commerce forum in the country, offering a relatively broad and extraordinarily senior foreign audience of technology companies and service providers.

Shoptalk has grown into a major retail experience that draws more than 8,000 attendees and producers, an opportunity to learn and partner with distributors and labels as well as networking opportunities. In the Shoptalk conference, the contents were discussed on the latest retail trends in the online battle between technology, data, and the wins and losses.

CEO of shoptalk and creator of Groceryshop

Anil D. Aggarwal, Chairman, President, and CEO of Shoptalk. Anil is also the creator of HLTH, the leading innovation event for healthcare, and Groceryshop, the leading creative food and CPG festival. Later, Money20/20, the world’s largest consumer payments finalTech gathering, was created and served as CEO. Before Money20/20, Anil was Google’s global head of wallet economic development, joined after Google purchased its VC-backed startup –TxVia–for more than $220 m in 2012. Oak HC/FT, a $1.1 billion venture capital fund, is also a venture partner.

Groceryshop began with 2200 + participants in 2018 and became a leading breakthrough event in the area of foodstuffs and CPG instantly. A Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 50, set the scene for the event to expand to over 3,000 participants in 2020, was a fantastic input.

Groceryshop began with 2200 + participants in 2018 and became a leading breakthrough event in the area of foodstuffs and CPG instantly. A Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 50, set the scene for the event to expand to over 3,000 participants in 2020, was a fantastic input. Companies that participate in the Grocery store include existing CPG-brands as well as startups, supermarkets, c-stores, drug stores, discount stores, e-commerce players. These organizations, together with technology companies, real estate operators, investors, the media and analysts, understand the disturbing trends, technology, and business models that they now need to embrace in a fast-changing industry.

Groceryshop puts together members from all industries, including internet, e-commerce, communications, infrastructure, merchandising, supply chain and store operations. Groceryshop discusses specific challenges and opportunities in the way customers shop for food and drinks, fitness, cosmetics, personal care, home, and livestock goods.

Shoptalk conference 2020

Shoptalk agenda

2020 in Las Vegas retail conference would include only female speakers in a one-off move that the organizer said was meant to address the lack of women in top rankings in the US.

The well-known annual conference was introduced in 2016 and drew 8,000 participants in 2019, scheduled for 22-25 March 2013. The organizer of the event says it will replace the entire female format with a 50-50 sex breakdown from 2021. Females were a majority of the participants at their meeting in March 2019.

Shoptalk is the best event for the retail industry and consistently defines its expertise as awesome, educational, energetic, exciting, inspiring, productive and entertaining. Shoptalk is a never-ending meeting of individuals and businesses, held annually in Las Vegas, to reshape the way customers explore, browse and purchase. The forum provides a platform to learn, network, partner and expand from large retailers, brand producers, start-ups, technology companies, buyers, media and analysts. The next Shoptalk will take place in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, on 22-25 March 2020.

Retail Conferences:

The industry, i.e. the overall distribution of the customer in any sector. What is important is the demand. In the context of the retailers talking to consumers within a given geographical area, digital touchpoints, physical contact points, heck, even analog radio touchpoints, matter. How a market financially reacts to the investment in a given area across all tools in a toolbox is the right lens for assessing performance. An evaluation of physical stores ‘ independent return-on-investment, curbing delivery initiatives or any other ideas which retailers can imagine on their own gives both false positive and false negative results, regardless of how sexy and easy it is to analyze new businesses in this way.

Shoptalk Speakers and its evolution every year:

The core of Shoptalk is learning. They select the speakers not only on the grounds of their seniority and experience, but they also know the history of shopping. Shoptalk speakers are at the forefront of change in the way consumers find, shop and buy. They develop new shopping concepts and business models; they create products that satisfy the growing needs of customers and introduce innovations on the market. The shoptalk timetable and participants should converge in a presentation that explains the main industry improvements from advertisement and customer experience to the supply chain and logistics.

Shoptalk organizes two retail conferences every year and each year they come up with more interesting domains and new programs. While Shoptalk prepares for its sixth series, our vision and on-site content should continue to set new standards for the sector. Our preliminary agenda and our first over 100 speakers are very pleased to announce.

Training has become crucial to shaping and contributing significantly to the retail industry. For thrive, business executives and future leaders now need to focus on their professional development to gain insight into the market patterns and technologies. Shoptalk releases two new programs to promote this process:

  • Shoptalk has established a structured series of classes, which we term our core curriculum. About half of our courses will include many of the basics of retail and will be repeated annually with updated perspectives and examples. This is a new curriculum–core course.
  • Shoptalk has also issued the annual retail education certificate for persons completing 10 ongoing education credits at Shoptalk. In a period when retail professionals have a substantial divide in knowledge on digital innovation, this certificate helps recipients to stand out.

Personal Attachment during Conferences with customers:

Shoptalk constantly discussed the value of enhancing customer contact and providing ‘ personnel. ‘ Retailers aspire to create a more customized customer experience, concentrate on what determines differentiation, and give each customer the most relevant content.

Shoptalk’s mission has always been to lead the conversation in changing retail business and to act as a key driver for transformation. They were the first to bring together well-established brands and retailers, risk-friendly starting companies, technology companies, and investors to create a brand new community and promote the industry. They also contributed to breaking up internal silos and uniting people across marketing, digital, stores, transactions and many other traditionally disparate fields.




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