Should You Buy Tik Tok Views And Followers? Our Experts Answers

Assuming you’re on TikTok for fame and opportunities that will give you some good exposure. The answer is: Yes, you should.

Everyone on a platform is always looking for people to look at them. Listen to them and, of course, trust them. Just imagine; who would want to listen to someone with barely 50 followers and 70 views.

Assuming that you’re new on the platform, they’ll simply scroll you down and won’t even bother.

Everyone is always looking for what the famous has to say. And you know that you’ll need to snatch something when it does not come to you. In our case, followers and views.

Image Is All That Matters

We are not talking about the Instagram images or the TikTok images you put up, although they matter a lot.

What we mean is that your image to the outside world matters. What impression you decide to put on the audience matters.

There are thousands of people out there saying that they bought followers and views, but all it did was throw them deeper in the dark dungeons even more. It’s most probably they didn’t use their heads.

By now it’s clear that purchased fans and followers on TikTok run the game. What matters most is where you buy them. To establish the most appealing image you can on the app, buy TikTok followers with PayPal.

Keep It Natural

Of course, even the big famous singers and celebrities don’t gain a million followers right when they join the tik tok or Instagram. It takes time, even for them, to build up followers. This is something you must keep in mind always.

To have your first post ‘an hour ago’ and be at 500k followers already is highly unnatural. Even a 12-year-old will notice something suspicious is going on.

This will direct the people on the TikTok to check your followers immediately. Knowing that most of the followers are ‘bought followers’ causes a very bad impression on the audience.

The Right Way To Do It Is….

Make it seem to the outside world that you’re gaining followers not because you want to, but because people want to follow you.

Keep milestones. For example, one could plan that during my first week on TikTok, my fake followers must not climb, say, more than 250, and during the second week, they must not increase beyond 600. The same goes for the views.

What this does is put up a positive image to the audience that this particular person is genuine. Most people and companies won’t even bother checking your follower’s list because you’re tracing a smooth, gradual positive graph. Not a sharp one that makes people suspicious about you.

Attract The Right Kind Of Attention

Now you know why most people fail even after they buy 100k followers in a single day. It’s not about purchasing 100k followers at once. It’s about buying 20 followers per day for a month.

Don’t attract the wrong kind of attention to yourself by buying one thousand followers in a single day. Trace a gradual positive graph. Companies don’t have enough time to analyze the genuineness of your followers. As long as they note that you have gradual success every day, it will satisfy them that you’re a genuine person. This way, they’ll be more than happy to put their trust in you.

Final Word

Remember, it’s not the number of followers that matter as much as your growth potential. On TikTok, you aim to show the potential brands that you’re growing. Having a gradually increasing number of followers per day shows more growth than getting 500k followers in a single day and not getting any extra followers in the coming 2 days.