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Should You Promote Your Business With Car Decals?

Sometimes, advertising campaigns do not require you to take out space in a newspaper or airtime on television. Advertising can be as simple as driving around in your vehicle with car decals that promote your business.

This is a cost-effective step that can give your business visibility anyplace that you go. If you are able to incentivize others to put your car decals on their vehicles too, it will increase the reach of your campaign.

One of the major decisions that you must make when ordering these car decals is what to put on the decal. You want something that will catch the attention of people who see your decal. The image should be something that will encourage people to take a look when you drive by them. In addition to something catchy, you will also want to prominently display your business name and some contact information. Since phone numbers may be difficult to remember for those who are passing by your car on the street, you may want to put a URL on the decal since it is easier to commit to memory more quickly.

The next question is where on your car to put the decal. Most people will tell you that the best place for the decal is on either the side or rear window. What is clear is that the hood is not the best place for the decal because it is difficult for passerby to read anything that is on the hood. The driver’s side door is also an advantageous place to affix the detail since people will have a chance to focus on it when they are alongside you at a traffic light.

In terms of size, you should try to err on the side of ordering large decals. Drivers and those on the road may not have a long time to view your message you will be driving by each other. Larger decals are more suitable for car doors because you still need to be able to see out of the windows and there may be legal restrictions on the size of a car decal on the windows.

You should also consider finding a way to pay people to display your business’ car decals because they have great visibility for drivers who are on the road. You can run a campaign that can give incentives to people because then they become driving advertisements for your company.

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