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Should You Use eBay to Sell Your Bag?

Did you know? Your designer luxury handbag works as a long-term investment. You can even raise a profit by buying an authentic luxury handbag from a nearby outlet and listing it up for sale on digital platforms such as online outlets and eBay.

But if you’re a novice seller, you might want to dig deep into the process of listing your luxury bag on eBay.

Even the experienced sellers struggle when selling their luxury items on eBay, primarily because of the intricacies involved in the process. Should you also avoid listing your valuable bag on eBay? What other options are there to explore if eBay isn’t worth it?

Let’s take you through the problems of eBay selling, particularly selling the luxury designer items, followed by our recommendation for a worthy alternate:

Selling Your Bag on eBay

eBay is among the oldest e-commerce websites. It offers a platform for the sellers to list their products for sale and allows buyers to enter the auction for bidding or use the “Buy it Now” option to deal at face value or even bargain.

The website is successful in the sale & purchase of countless products. Yet, eBay holds equal implications for several items, mainly the valuable, banded, and luxury handbags.

According to SellThatBag – a popular site for purchasing bags, there are many complex issues using eBay, which makes them better. Let us roll out some possible implications of selling your bag online.

1. Insane Competition

The competition on eBay is unreal! Searching the word “designer handbag” results in 90,000+ listings which indicates an evident market saturation. There’s a plethora of sellers aiming to sell their bags with a significantly low number of buyers.

If you’re aiming to sell your designer handbag on eBay, where do you think your bag would stand amid 50,000+ active listings on the “Louis Vuitton Handbag” keyword or 60,000+ active listings on the “Coach Handbag” keyword?

eBay offers to sell for just about any product, item, or entity that exists on the planet; such a huge domain accounts for the endless influx of sellers on this e-commerce platform.

2. Possible Scams & Frauds

eBay, being a wider e-commerce market, has equally high risks of scams & frauds.

And when you’re up for selling a valuable bag, the risk even multiplies. The most common scam in the handbags category is switcheroo. eBay has maintained policies to curb the scams.

However, the platform is widely regarded as buyer-centric, and may not favor you much as a seller.

Still, if you deem eBay as a risk-free, safe platform to sell your valuable beauty, here’s an instance of the event you need to stay wary of:

You, as a seller, list up your luxury bag on sale and a buyer immediately approaches you with a so-called fair deal. You, enthusiastically, sell your bag with a reasonable returns policy.

The buyer approaches you soon after receiving the article with weird objections about the bag condition and claims a return. You allow a return but the article you receive is worn out, shabby, fake, and isn’t the one you sold. You end up losing your precious bag.

3. Return Rate is Very High

As established earlier, eBay has insane competition in the handbags category. To stand out amid such immense traffic, sellers are bound to maintain a buyer-friendly policy, i.e., a generous returns policy.

This encompasses 30 or even 60 days of shipping which is utterly disastrous for you if you want a simple, quick, and efficient process of the transaction. On top of that, such policies may have severe repercussions for you.

There’s this trend of exploiting these return options.

Buyers purchase a bag with a long-term option of returns, use the luxury bags gently (just the way they’re supposed to be used), and return it right after it fulfills their purpose.

As a seller, you’re bound to accept the return and release the refunds, adding to your frustration.

Where to Sell Your Bag Other Than eBay?

Ok, it is established that eBay isn’t a worthy bag selling platform. But is there a good alternative? Yes, there are plenty of appropriate options to explore.

Your primary motive to sell your bag is to mark up the savings and complete the transaction via a smooth & efficient process. Online outlets dedicated to bag selling, i.e., Rebag,, BagVanity, and others, offer both these privileges right from the go!

But wait, how would you single out a trustworthy online buyer from the plethora of them? We’ve furnished some legit ways, taken from SellThatBag, that would help you scrutinize the legitimacy of a bag-selling website:

How to Authenticate an Online Handbag Buyer?

  • First off, make sure a website you’re approaching to sell your handbag must have a secured URL. A secured website encrypts your data to its server and prevents hackers. A “padlock” sign behind the URL is enough to certify the security of a website.
  • If a website is secure, it’s time to scrutinize its procedure. For a smooth and efficient transaction, we’d recommend the websites that simply accept the bags at a mutually agreed upon price rather than tangling you into consignments and profit-loss intricacies.
  • Prefer a buyer that does NOT ask for returns. Once the deal is finalized, the bag is shipped, and you’ve paid, the transaction is completed; you’re free to move on!
  • Ensure that your intended website offers a price quotation and also has a strict authentication test. It’s always prudent not to deal with those who accept counterfeits. Such buyers themselves have no legitimacy, causing a major dent in their reputation.
  • Always look for customer reviews. Most websites feature reviews on their homepage. Also, you must ensure that they have a physical existence where you could schedule a visit to witness the entire process by yourself.


eBay might be one of the ideal e-commerce platforms. But when it comes to selling luxury bags, the dedicated digital platforms of fashion products emerge as the more desirable option.

Risks of counterfeit returns & scams, high competition, and procedural intricacies might compromise that profit you’re aiming to mark up with this transaction.

So, explore an authentic bag-selling website and strike a deal within moments – a perfect deal awaits you here at!