Sick of Getting Spam Texts? Here is How You Can Stop it

It’s the 21st century, humans have grown busier with time, and we try to avoid as many distractions as possible. Out of the many tiny but sickening distractions, getting spam messages on your phone can be pretty annoying. If you keep getting spam texts on your phone regularly, you are in the right place to determine how to get rid of them.

What is Spam Text?

Mobile spam texts are those unwelcomed texts sent to your mobile phone for marketing or selling a product.

Spam Texts can be very annoying;

People use mobile phones to make their lives easier. A mother might use it to be aware of her children. A working person might use it to be in touch with his boss or client. In these instances, when a spam text rings your phone, and you reach your phone as quickly as possible but end up opening a text from a spammer, it is a very annoying experience.

How to identify spam texts?

It is essential to identify spam texts to protect yourself from getting scammed. Following are some hints:

  • The numbers are either abnormally too long or too short for an actual valid number and may appear very unusual.
  • Spammers may try to trick you by providing you with some false news that might put you into a panicking situation, and you might end up providing what the spammer is looking for. Therefore, always verify such news.
  • One of the widespread ways scammers use to scam people is by giving them overwhelming false news, e.g., they may tell you that you have won a prize and ultimately takes personal information from you.

What are spam texts used for?

As you would possibly know, spam texts are from people you don’t know, neither do they know you. Spammers use these texts for various less dangerous purposes, like for marketing their products or services. But sometimes, spammers use spam texts to trick you into providing them with your valuable personal information.

Some ways to stop spam texts and avoid getting spammed:

Following are some Dos and Don’ts to avoid getting spam texts or getting spammed if you keep getting spam texts a lot:

Don’t disclose personal information:

Spammers, all the time, are looking for ways to disclose your personal information like bank account details, necessary addresses, and personal questions. If you ever face such questions, do not answer.

Do not reply to spam texts;

Spammers are looking for opportunities to find out that the number that they are dealing with is functional. The purpose of which is to sell your number to other spammers ready to spam you.

Keep an eye on your cell phone balance:

Spammers have ways to transfer money to your phone balance or deduct money from it. If you ever come across such tricks, don’t forget to call your mobile network company as soon as possible.

Block the numbers that you identify as spam:

“Prevention is better than cure.” Well, if you didn’t get why we mentioned this famous saying, allow us to elaborate. It is better to be away from the danger than trying to be safe around a danger. Therefore, blocking a spam sender should be your supreme priority.

Use your phone features:

Both Android, as well as iOS, has certain features which help in the identification of spam numbers and thus avoid un-wanted calls or spam texts. Therefore, must take a look at your phone features.

Report Spam Texts:

Last but not the least, always remember to report spam texts to your network offices as soon as possible.


we understand that spam texts and calls can be very annoying especially if you keep getting spam texts. Along with the above tips, it is also important to be very much more careful about spam texts and never take them lightly as the spammer might be spamming you without you knowing about it.