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Signs Your Blocked Drain Needs Emergency Plumbing

With a clogged pipe, you can often eliminate the problem with a plunger or a little elbow grease. But once your drain is blocked, you’ll need professional help to unclog it — and fast.

When that happens in the kitchen, you need an emergency plumber like PIC Plumbing Services of San Diego. Often the only way to unblock your sink is with an extraction machine that costs a pretty penny.

Here are some signs that your drain is blocked and needs emergency plumbing:

Signs You Need Emergency Plumbing

You’ve tried plunging your drain, and it still won’t drain. If you’ve been running water down the drain for 30 minutes or more and it’s still not flowing through, that’s an indication of a severe blockage. Here are signs of a blocked drain:

Foul Smell

Foul smells are coming from the drain. If you smell something nasty coming from your drains, this could be an indication that you have sewage or other contaminants backing up in your pipes.

The build-up of food waste and wastewater in your lines is bound to make your drains and sometimes part of your home smell foul. This is a serious problem and should be addressed immediately by emergency plumbing services.


One of the most common signs that you have a blocked drain is a gurgling sound. This is caused by water being trapped in pipes, and as it moves through the pipe, it makes this noise. The sound will steadily get louder until it becomes unbearable. There are several ways you can fix this problem on your own.

The first thing you should try is pouring boiling water down the drain or using a chemical drain cleaner that you can purchase from hardware stores or online. If neither of these methods works, then you will have to contact your local plumber, who will have to come and remove the blockage from your drain.

Your Water Bill Has Increased

Water bill increases are often associated with blocked drains. When your drainage system is overloaded, it can lead to backups and potentially high water bills. A plumber will be able to fix the problem quickly and easily for you, relieving you of the need to pay for expensive water bills.


If you notice a leak in your building, there’s a good chance it’s related to your plumbing system. Water seeping into the walls or other areas of the building can cause some serious damage if it isn’t fixed immediately (and even if it is). A plumber will tell you where the leak is coming from and fix any problems quickly.

If you notice water in an area of your home that’s not normally wet, such as under the sink, check for plumbing leaks by turning off all water sources and removing any removable parts. Check for dripping or other signs of a leak and have them fixed immediately by a plumber to avoid causing more damage.

Water Backups and Pipe Clog

When water starts backing up in other house areas, like the tub or toilet, it indicates a water drain. If you’ve been running water in one room and all of a sudden it starts coming up in another room, that’s another sign of emergency plumbing issues. You might have a slow leak somewhere, leading to a partial drain blockage.

Water Backups

It happens when a pipe is either partially or fully blocked by food scraps, tree roots, and other organic matter. The blockage restricts the flow of water and causes it to back up in your plumbing fixtures because there is nowhere else for it to go.

You might also see bubbles or air pockets trapped inside your pipes. This occurs when too much pressure builds up due to the water backup. It can cause damage to your pipes, increasing your risk of future leaks and floods.

If you experience any of these signs, it’s an indication you have a drainage issue and don’t avoid it. Preventative work is helpful, but the best way to deal with a problem is to fix it before it gets worse or too big to handle.

The costs of putting off plumbing repairs can be much higher than those of simply getting it done and on the path to better health and efficiency.

Blocked drains are never a nice thing to have, and we would all like them to be fixed as soon as possible. If you notice even a small sign that your drain is blocked, you need to call for help and find professional assistance.