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Singapore – Stay at the Luxurious Marina Bay Sands for a Memorable Trip

Singapore is one of the prosperous, beautiful, and small island nations and can be called as both a city and country. It is one of the global financial centres with a multicultural population. It is also one of the popular tourist cities or countries in the world to attract countless numbers of people every year for both business and leisure activities. The city is growing at a good speed and is rated as one of the most preferred places to visit at an affordable budget when compared with others. The city provides all the specials for everyone including foodies, explorers, collectors, socializers, action seekers, cultural shapers, romance lovers and more.

Why Singapore is so special?

The answer is so simple. Singapore is the city where passion made possible. It is the meeting point of passion and possibilities. The city is not constrained to its numerous attractions, and it is engaged in reimagining and reinventing itself with the experts who are so passionate about formulating and creating new possibilities in all sectors. Even though there are several amazing attractions in the city, the visit really values only with a stay at Marina Bay Sands, the real 5-star luxury hotel in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands – The architectural wonder

This hotel plays a good role in deriving the international attention to the city. The hotel is well said for its architectural wonder and situatedin the heart of the city. Tourist can easily access the hotel through road, rail and from the airport with exceptional shuttle services provided for the tourist by the hotel. This sky touching wonder should not be missed at any cost to make Singapore visit a complete one. Here are some of the important factors that make every one count every second at the hotel.

Rooftop infinity pool – The world’s largest one

Create an opportunity to get indulged and immersed in the unforgettable and unbeaten luxury experience provided by the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands. The pool spreads over 150 meters across Sands Sky Park and can be accessed only by the hotel guests. The pool makes the fantastic place to unwind in the crystal clear water and chillness of breeze. Curl and whirl in the pool enjoying the breath-taking views of the city skyline that is not found at any of the other Singapore Hotels.

Enjoy and entertain – Go beyond the limits

Spend your time with limitless assortments for dining, drink, and shopping. The hotel treats visitors with spectacular shows, luxury shopping, casino, rooftop restaurants, observation deck, clubs, and pubs. Is there anything else for a hotel to offer to keep the visitors really thrilled and amazed? There are also breath-taking theatre shows, museum exhibitions, more than 80 restaurants and bars, the largest casino of Singapore and 170 premium brand stores. There are different gaming and nongaming entertainments for visitors to spend time in a fantastic way. In simple words, Marina Bay Sands provides an exclusive and unique world for fun and entertainment for everyone who visits Singapore.

Rejuvenate and regain

The hotel is certainly a heaven for the tourists visiting Singapore. The ever best form of rejuvenation can be experienced with the award-winning verities of beauty treatment and massages at Banyan Tree Spa. Water gardens, warm-toned private rooms, and sparkling water views soothe the soul and mind of the people who need a real form of relaxation. Guests can also workout in the Banyan Tree Fitness Club enjoying the inspiring and inducing views of Marina Bay from the height of the 55th floor.

Flexible and luxurious meeting spaces

Marina Bay Sands is the most loved spots for business people around the world to conduct meetings and conventions. This is also the best place to celebrate all of the private celebrations and events in life. The convention centre named as Sand Expoand Convention Centre is the most versatile and largest meeting place in the city with a capacity of over 1,20,000 square meters with 250 meeting rooms.

Affordable – In terms of luxury statements

Marina Bay Sands is certainly affordable when compared in terms of its luxury statements and facilities it has to offer. The hotel provides all types of rooms in accordance with the purpose of the visitors. All of the rooms show the real beauty of architectural excellence and interior designing. Everything is arranged with a creative touch and feel to arouse the positive senses of the visitors to enhance the real thrill and mood. There is no doubt that this hotel with its wide range of facilities and amenities make everyone to celebrate the days with extra level energy and enthusiasm.

Things to do in Singapore

The hotel helps you visit the important destinations in Singapore with utmost comfort. Tourists have several options to select from different categories including Outdoor Activities, Attraction Tickets, Nature and Parks, Fun and Games, Nature and Wildlife Areas, Cultural and Theme Tours and more. Tourists can also prefer different sightseeing trips, night safari tours and more. So it is better to plan the Singapore tour with the help of a guide to make a proper mix of attractions from every category depending on the duration of the tour.

Book in Advance

Marina Bay Sands is one of the busiest 5-star luxury hotels in Singapore. It is known for providing the best in Indian cuisine, world-class hospitality, top-notch amenities, and funs and entertainment to an extreme extent. So, it is a good idea to book the room in advance to avoid last minute rushes. There are reputed online portals to help the people in booking this heavenly hotel on earth at discounted rates. Make use of these portals to save a good amount on the cost and to enjoy special offers.

Get ready to fly Singapore

Plan the next vacation to Singapore. Book the rooms at marina bay sands to experience the real heat and thrill even before stepping into Singapore. Hold the breath and step into the best and beautiful hotel in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands. Celebrate and create some of the unforgettable moments in life that never goes away from the heart.

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