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Six Excellent Places to Visit if You’re Stuck in the US

With numerous vacation spots in the United States, planning a family getaway can become daunting and overwhelming. Since there are so many different places to visit, it is better to go to those with exceptional experiences and activities.

You can go for a mountain escape with its beautiful landscapes or visit the beach to indulge in sea activities with your families. The US provides a complete experience in all its vacation spots and resorts.

Some excellent US cities are historical, while some offer adventurous and glamorous staycations. It depends upon which vacation you want to opt for, whether you are visiting with family or friends, and the number of days to visit.

Therefore, the first thing you must decide is picking a theme for your holiday, confirming the number of people, and looking for activities in your area to maximize your visit.

To make it easier for you, we have put together a list of must-visit top places in the US to act as a guide for you.


The city of Tennessee is full of family fun activities. The city has everything with water park adventures, picnic spots, museums, shopping malls, cave theatre experiences, and wine walks.

The specialty of Tennessee is its famous Great Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, with numerous hiking trails, parks, comfy accommodation, outdoor museums, luxurious and themed hotels, and mountain decks providing panoramic views of the Smoky Mountains, etc.

Pro tip – Consider renting Gatlinburg cabins if you decide to stay for more than a day.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a noteworthy and most visited tourist spot because it offers everything for all ages and genders.

Children enjoy the wildlife aquarium with petting zoos, kids’ activities, and competitions, while adults enjoy playing golf in mini-golf clubs with all amenities.

The nightlife offers a tour of the wineries, cafes, and lounges, along with living performances from upcoming artists.

If you plan to visit the city of Tennessee, do not miss the excellent mountain adventure and all the activities. Every activity and place in Tennessee is worth experiencing at least once.

South Beach, Miami

Known as Miami’s trendiest hotspot with picturesque views, Miami Beach is the perfect summer getaway. South Beach must be on top of your list of places to visit if you love sunny beaches.

Get that summer tan, relax, make sandcastles, eat the famous and cheap Cuban sandwiches, go surfing, boating, swimming, and shop at fancy boutiques, bird-watching, etc.

Enjoy nighttime events such as beach bonfires, dance parties, walking on the beach, and biking.

A Latin American culture dominates the beach along the Atlantic Ocean. The pastel-colored art buildings make the place more photogenic.

A mile-long pedestrian thoroughfare headed towards the Lincoln Road houses street entertainment, along with Mediterranean architectural revival with views of the quaint villages of Spain and France.

Washington Avenue next to Espanola Way has exquisite design buffs and mesmerizing art pieces at the Wolfsonian-FIU museum.

You can walk towards Ocean Drive, which has themed hotels and iconic restaurants. Take a guided architectural tour to Art Deco Welcome Center at 11th Street and Ocean Drive.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The US’s second most famous national park is the Grand Canyon, owing to its Colorado-River-formed Canyon. It is as wide as 277 miles and runs over a mile deep.

Take a helicopter ride for the stunning views, or during whitewater rafting, riding a mule, or hiking up and down the Canyon.

You can also camp, have a picnic, enjoy a nighttime outdoor movie adventure, go backpacking and explore hiking trails.

Place it at the top of your list to visit with your family or adventurous friends. Explore dramatic views and caves at every turn.

Enjoy the best sunset views near Bright Angel Creek banks at Cottonwood camp. While you’re there, explore the historic Phantom Ranch and the Colorado River, then head back to Bright Angel Camp for the night.

Disney World, Florida

It is perhaps the most fun, adventurous and thrilling experience for the entire family. Every year, thousands of families head to Disney World in Florida from all around the world.

Owing to the enhancements in family entertainment experiences, it has become a hotspot tourist spot, generating millions from tourism every year.

Disney World is a magical place for all children and young adults. If you are a fan of Looney Toons, the wizardry world of Harry Potter, the world of Frozen, and fairy castles, then Disney World is the place to be.

Apart from these, the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando offers adventure rides, 3D tours of artificial caves, theme parks, Cinderella Castle, nightly fireworks, and a virtual tour of over 11 countries.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

At South East Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park is a dream destination for desert adventure fans. Go rock climbing, stargazing, hiking, camping, and horseback riding.

You can even volunteer for ongoing developmental projects at the park. It will broaden your overall experience.

Enjoy scenic views of the Coachella Valley, and participate in its festivals and nightly activities. It is a great way to meet new people and share your experiences.

Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park features Grand Prismatic Spring, Old Faithful, and many exciting activities.

The Old Faithful is a geological feature of the US with a cone geyser. It erupts every 60 to 110 minutes and goes up to 130 to 140 feet.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the entire US, as wide as 170 meters in diameter. It reflects rainbow-colored views from above, making it so picturesque.


If you are stuck in the US for some reason, this is your chance to explore it as much as possible. You can enjoy yourself more with a larger group of friends or your entire family.

Some of the most popular must-visit places in the US are Tennessee, South Beach in Miami, The Grand Canyon in Arizona, not to forget Disney World in Florida, and Yellowstone National Park.

Other visit-worthy places include New York, Space Needle in Seattle, Mountain Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, Red Rocks Park, and Amphitheatre in Colorado.

For the best family experience, do not miss the Great Smoky Mountains. Tennessee offers everything from petting zoos, a walk-in aquarium and mini-golf, hiking trails, national parks, and outdoor museums.

It also has a range of nighttime activities like wine walks, bonfires, fireworks, and live performances.