Six injured in Frankfurt Airport ‘tear gas attack’

  • Six passengers suffered breathing problems at check-in in Frankfurt Airport
  • Firefighters were called but could not find any trace of poisonous gas
  • Area in Terminal 1 was closed for a short time before later being reopened
  • Local media reported incident as a gas attack, though this was later debunked 

Six people were mysteriously struck down with breathing problems at Frankfurt Airport on Monday morning.

Firefighters were called to Terminal 1 after several people reported breathing problems at the check-in counters around 11am.

The people were treated at the scene and after no trace of gas was detected the counters were reopened, according to The Local. 

Six people suffered eye irritation and breathing problems after an unknown person sprayed the check-in area of Frankfurt Airport with a mysterious gas on Monday morning (file image)

The incident was initially reported by Bild as a gas attack, with the paper saying an unknown assailant had sprayed passengers with a mystery substance.

However, it now appears that information was incorrect. 

Airport authorities say the exact cause of the incident is still unclear, but investigations are ongoing.

The check-in area was closed for a short time after the scare, before being reopened around 12.30pm.

Nobody was seriously injured during the incident.