Six Ways to Use Promotional Products Effectively

We are sure you know people who love to collect promotional gadgets at trade shows and conventions. If so, they are not alone. Marketing research has shown that 50% of consumers would not mind receiving useful promotional items more frequently.

  • Proper usage of promotional products is:
  • Great for advertising purposes
  • Great for pulling in new leads
  • Great for establishing a presence in the marketplace
  • Great for loyalty rewards

When used right, promotional items can offer a significant return-on-investment (ROI) in the long term.

Here are six ways to maximize the power of using promotional items for your benefit:

Establish a Greater Presence at Events

If you are taking part in a convention where you are trying to attract more clients, choose promotional items that can be taken with them when they go. They don’t need to cost a lot of money, but you want them to be impressive enough so that you get remembered.

Use Promotional Items the Relate to Your Field

While this may seem like common sense, it is especially important to keep in mind. For example, if your business caters to writers, unique customized pens would be ideal. You could also add a professional touch with a custom printed notepad. If your business caters to computer users, you could use custom printed flash drives. Likewise, if your company offers custom coffee blends, a coffee mug will hit the target.

Personalize the Promotional Experience

If you have your promotional items just sitting on a table with a sign that says, “take one,” that tends to cheapen your image. It is better not to show them off and hand them personally to your potential client. This touch adds the element of surprise and makes it feel like a more personal gift.

Use Promotional Products as “Thank You” Gifts

Promotional items make great “thank you” gifts, and cost should not be a factor. While they don’t need to be expensive, a longer-term promotional item like a calendar or wall clock can go a long way for creating a loyal clientele and repeat business. They can also help produce referrals from satisfied customers who appreciate your loyalty.

Use a Wide Array of Items

You can classify your items appropriately for new customers, repeat customers, and long-time customers. You could also give your customers a choice of item. For example, offer them one of three products: a flash drive, a coffee mug, and a notepad. If they need to take notes during the event, they’ll be more than happy to have the notepad.

Don’t Restrict Promotional Items to Customers Only

While you can have promotional items that are just for customers, you can always reward your employees with them at company events. Backpacks, hats, and t-shirts with your logo are excellent ideas. You could also give such promotional items to your sub-contractors to keep your business relationship rolling.

Both small businesses and corporations can benefit immensely from well-planned and perfectly designed promotional items. First, research which promotional items will complement your marketing scheme and develop a unique strategy to distribute them.