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Sleeplab Anti-Snoring Device: Is it Really Work?

Many people suffering from the most common sleeping disorder are snoring. It is the most irritating and nagging thing ever. People snore due to overweight, sinus, allergies, consumption of alcohol, cold, or many more reasons. To get rid of this problem it takes a huge time.

But, we have found a device that can solve this issue instantly. We are talking about the Sleeplab Anti-Snoring Device. This device is so effective that it can reduce snoring by relaxing the muscles.  Here, we will show you if this device really works or not.


A high-tech innovative device that works against snoring efficiently is the SleepLab Anti-Snoring Device. This little device comes with magnetic functions to stimulate and keep active the respiratory muscles. You should place this device under your chin, to keep your breathing gentle and quiet during sleeping.

You should install an app on your iOS and Android device to record and analyze the data. It supports above the 4.3 android versions. It will allow you to measure the pattern of snoring and sleeping. From the Sleeplab review, you can know more about this unique device.

This device’s working mode is timed and spontaneous. This snore stopper is designed with ABS + PC materials. The net weight of a SleepLab is 10G and the pulse range is 10-1500Hz. It comes with a 7V/80mAH power adaptor that requires only two hours charge.

You will have almost 15 hours of continuous service from this device. It comes with an eye-catching black color that people find very appealing. With its package, you will find 1 stopper, 1 charging station, 10 patches, and 1 USB cable.

SleepLab Anti-Snoring Device: Is it Really Work?

Though this device is very small and easy to use, you may feel a little uneasy for a few days. But, after some days your chin will get habituated to this amazing thing. But the question is it really can prevent snoring? In this section, you will get this answer.

SleepLab designed with sound detecting technology. It uses a micro impulse to detect the sounds. So, whenever it finds out any sound, this impulse stimulates the respiratory muscles and keeps the airways open. In this way, it prevents blocking the breathing and assures a snoring-free sleep.

It uses disposable patches that stick to the device. With these adhesive patches, you can strongly attach this device to your chin. After using you can dispose of the patch. To have a better result, you should use the SleepLab continuously for two weeks.

Now, to use this device you have to attach the magnetic electrode to your chin. After that, switch on the snore stopper. That’s it, it doesn’t require anything else.  You can control the device with smartphones also, keep records of your breathing and sleep quality.

How Is This Device Better Than Other Devices?

To prevent snoring SleepLab uses some modern technologies. It doesn’t offer to fix the snoring temporarily rather, it helps to provide a permanent solution. SleepLab is getting popular among many people due to its amazing features.


As I said earlier, you can synchronize this device to Android and iOS smartphones. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the SleepLab records the snoring issues and tailored to work as your need. The best part about the SleepLab app is, it allows you to adjust the settings. This app will track your sleeping pattern, and later it will notify you to analyze the data.


The SleepLab app has a multi-mode range and you can customize the range between low to high sensitivity. You can choose among its 45 different levels of available interventions. It can be easily personalized by using the app according to your need.

Easy to Carry

This device is very portable with its 10-gram weight and compact size. As a result, this tiny device will fit anywhere and you can easily carry it. This feature is very beneficial during traveling or having a nap during office time. Because snoring can disgust other people while traveling or during office time.


People find the nasal snore prevention kit very uncomfortable. So, the SleepLab can offer them flexibility and comfort with its 10-gram weight. It uses soft cushions that prevent the skin to feel hard and itching issues. People won’t feel any big difference while using this device.


It works efficiently by providing almost 15 hours of long service continuously. This device does not require any attached wire or cable to run at night. After turning SleepLab on it will work automatically to prevent snoring. Its effectiveness is clinically proven.

Why Do You Need SleepLab?

People who are suffering from snoring, need to treat this issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can increase the respiratory and snoring issue much more. Also, this thing annoys other people who sleep or sit with the victim.  That is why you need to use this device. It relaxes the muscle and improves breathing quality.

With its user-friendly interface, you won’t feel any irritation or skin problem. Just detecting the sounds it starts sending a message to the respiratory muscles. After that, the muscle takes immediate action and stops your snoring. It won’t fix your problem temporarily rather, this high spec technology provides a permanent solution. Every morning you will feel energetic and ready to tackle the day with a brand new feeling. So if you don’t want to bother or annoy other people you should use this device.

Final Verdict

Many people get tired of the snoring problem and fail by trying so many tricks to prevent it. But, with the Sleeplab Anti-Snoring Device people get so many benefits. It can help you to sleep peacefully along with preventing snoring.

With the SleepLab mobile app, you can understand every pattern of your sleep and snore. It is very safe to use and won’t cause any harmful effects on the user’s skin while using it. This high-tech latest technology makes sure no snoring at night.