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Slots and other casino games with VR technologies. How it works?

For some people, the virtual world has become more important. On the Internet, they spend a lot of time talking with friends, creating a business or having fun. The last segment is very popular because the gambling industry has received new opportunities and no one can stop it. Searching for new solutions and ideas, the developers finally paid attention to VR technologies that received excellent prospects.

VR casino basics

In fact, this is an ordinary online casino which has received an improved 3D graphics that have approached the minimum distance to the real gaming hall in which you can play free slots with no download and no registration. In such conditions, the user can move around the game halls, communicate with rivals, learn the rules, and so on. Specialists spend a lot of resources and time to improve the quality of VR and make your gaming session comfortable. In a few years, this technology will show all its capabilities and you won’t distinguish a virtual casino from the real world. Creating innovative gadgets like Oculus Rift allowed developers to create new projects that caused a positive reaction of the gambling audience.

VR casino works by displaying video at a higher resolution and frame rate that is not available for regular PC games with free slots and other casino games. This approach allows you to reduce playback delays or completely get rid of them. As a result, all your movements appear in real time. VR gambler is fully immersed in the atmosphere of a land-based casino. You will see your opponents, hear their comments and even experience real tactile sensations with the help of special equipment. Moreover, you can play vr casino as long as you want since it does not harm your health.

The benefits of new technologies

Some experts and companies are against virtual reality in the gambling industry. They say that this hurt players who will not keep track of time and as a result will become addicted. Of course, developers have many arguments that negate these effects. We just have to look at these advantages:

  • full immersion in gaming reality;
  • real emotions;
  • interaction with other gamers via live chat;
  • tactile sensations;
  • you can hide from the problems of the real world;
  • quality games that have no analogs in modern gambling.

Thus, vr casino operators get a large number of customers who return to the gaming resource to get new emotions and win real money of course.

Content for VR casino

The fight among manufacturers began in 2015 when the first such casino appeared. Leading providers saw great promise in virtual reality and began to develop games of a new generation. In 2019, the leading positions in the VR segment belong to 3 companies that show excellent results.


It is no secret that this corporation has achieved tremendous success in the industry by offering gamers always new and interesting projects. After the advent of VR technology, Microgaming created Roulette with Oculus technology. To test the game, you will need an Oculus Rift DK2 headset + Leap Motion3D controller. With the help of these devices, you can follow all the movements of rivals.


The company has always wanted to conquer the VR world and become a leader in this segment. At the moment, we can say that CASEXE is on the right way as it has access to all tools and technologies that improve gambling and attract players. CASEXE not only creates specialized VR casinos but also adds corresponding games and other options.


The popular Swedish provider decided to take part in this race too. Despite the small experience in the VR segment, NetEnt shows excellent results. For example, its “Jack’s 3D World” received hundreds of positive feedback from players and high marks from experts. In this game, the developers paid attention not only to modern 3D graphics but also added surround sound. Thanks to this solution, gaming has become very popular. In the future, NetEnt will release new VR developments that will be more interesting.


VR development will appeal to all players who are tired of ordinary games with a banal storyline and a standard set of options. Live games have existed for almost 10 years and during this period they became very popular. As you can see, live games and casinos were a temporary remedy. VR projects came to gambling with an important mission – to change the players’ perception of casinos and slot machines.

In 2019, not every online casino can spend money and offer VR games. This software should be reliable, work without errors, even with a high load and offer many options. Also, casino operators should receive regular updates. Every year, developers release new games with virtual reality and offer gambling audience new gadgets that make the gameplay interesting and realistic. So, we can assume that this trend will develop rapidly in the future.

“Each technology will be surrounded by criticism. Some critics are experiencing that VR and other technologies will divide us and we will not communicate with each other … really? I and millions of people do not think so. We know what we do. Virtual reality will change our world only if we will not give up “Mark Zuckerberg said.

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