Slovenia vs Serbia – Euro 2024: Live score, team news and updates after Serbia threaten to quit the tournament ahead of the match

Worth mentioning in relation to the Serbian FA’s threat that both Albania and Serbia are facing UEFA charges Euro 2024.

UEFA charged the Serbian FA with two offences following their defeat by England on Sunday – the throwing of objects and the transmitting of a provocative message ‘unfit for a sports event’.

The latter is understood to relate to the displaying of a flag linked to a paramilitary movement that was engaged in ethnic cleansing during the Yugoslav wars.

The governing body also launched an investigation into claims monkey noises were aimed at England players during the clash. An inspector has been appointed to carry out a disciplinary probe ‘regarding alleged discriminatory behaviour’, though, a resolution is not expected until after the group stages.

Albania have been charged for incidents during their match with Italy. A pitch invader halted the game in the dying moments of the game and that incident comprises one of the charges.

The charges were for the ‘throwing of objects’, ‘lighting of fireworks’, ‘invasion of the field of play’, and ‘transmitting a provocative message unfit for a sports event’.