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Smartphone casinos: a new era of gambling

Smartphone casinos are the third round in the evolution of world gambling. The development of technology led to the emergence of online casinos in the early 2000s. Ten years later, many gambling entrepreneurs turned their attention to new technologies, as they wanted to save their business from a large-scale wave of gambling bans that covered almost the entire world. As a result, the casino owners were forced to transfer their business to a virtual environment.

Mobile devices are rapidly gaining popularity and have already overtaken desktop computers in terms of the number of devices used to access the Internet. All this has become the reason for the emergence of such a phenomenon as a mobile casino. Today, you can play your favorite slot machines from virtually anywhere and at any time: all you need to do is have a smartphone with a stable Internet connection at hand.

With the amazing growth in the share of smartphones in the entertainment content consumption market, casino operators simply have no right to close their eyes and continue to bypass the optimization of their project for mobile platforms. The presence of a mobile version of the site today is important even for search engine promotion, which is already talking about reaching an additional target audience.

Mobile casinos, like the usual desktop version, provide for the possibility of playing for money and in demo mode. The list of games optimized for smartphones can be long: video slots from the world’s leading providers, blackjack, poker, roulette, table games. Moreover, today even the live casino mode has been adapted for mobile platforms!

At the moment, casino software manufacturers have concentrated on developing and improving their own product lines for smartphones and tablets. Development of games for mobile casinos provides for maximum optimization for the specifics of these devices. As a result, mobile games are getting better every day, and the gameplay is now much more convenient than on a PC.

The development of a mobile casino application takes into account the fact that not everywhere today there is a stable Internet connection. In case of signal loss, the player will be able to continue his gaming session from the moment at which he finished (after reestablishing the connection to the network).

The mobile casinos development: current technologies

As mentioned above, among the devices used to access the Internet and consume entertainment content, smartphones and tablets take the first place, leaving behind even computers based on the Windows operating system (for the first time in history, by the way).

HTML5 technology is best suited for mobile versions of slot machines. It is a universal format that works great on all modern platforms. Of particular note is the scalable vector graphics used to create games.

The development of a mobile casino application based on HTML5 technology and makes it possible to provide a beautiful and stable picture for absolutely all players, regardless of the screen size of their gadgets.

Also, HTML5 slots are less demanding than their flash-based versions. Any modern, even the most budgetary device is able to cope with such games.

Originally HTML5 was hypertext markup for structuring web pages. But the updated functions of the 5th version opened up possibilities for the use of multimedia elements. Gambling software developers quickly recognized the benefits of the new generation of HTML5 and applied it to bring casinos to mobile phones.

The beauty of the format is that you don’t need any plugins, third-party add-ons or APIs to run the application. You might be asking, “So how can a web page markup language be used to create mobile online slots?”

It’s very simple:

  • HTML5 supports scalable SVG vector graphics.
  • Animations and various interactive elements are created using Canvas.
  • HTML5 also has a “trump card” in the form of support for cascading CSS style sheets.
  • Sound and video is powered by almighty JavaScript.

The current HTML5-based slot machines help keep gamblers interested and solve the problems with Adobe Flash plugins, which often arise among mobile device users.

Why the development of mobile casino games is now more relevant than ever:

  • players will be able to save precious time and devote their leisure time to gambling regardless of their location
  • for all its mobility, modern mobile games offer the same capabilities as the original computer versions: deposit bonuses, free spins, a chance to win a jackpot, etc
  • maximum security of mobile platforms due to the complete absence of virus programs
  • you can interrupt at any time without prejudice to the gameplay (relevant in case of a phone call)

Mobile casino application development

The development of mobile casino applications is extremely important because it allows you to make the gaming process stable and of the highest quality. The fact is that the client software makes it possible to play offline.

A well-designed online casino app adapts games to the mobile platform as much as possible. If the Internet connection is lost, the player will not have any difficulties. Thanks to this, he will be able to run any game even during a trip in the subway.

The mobile application is rid of all that is superfluous. The user is offered only basic gaming functions, no extra buttons and banners clutter up the space: there is only a gambler and his favorite game.