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Snap up ultra-comfortable, noise-cancelling Beats Studio Buds for $50 off the original price

You can’t ‘beat’ this deal! Snap up Beats Studio Buds for $50 off the original price – and experience their incredible comfort and superior noise cancellation for yourself

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Most people can agree that comfort reigns supreme when it comes to settling on a good pair of earbuds. Other features, like active noise cancellation and extended battery life, come in a close second.

If you’ve been on the hunt for something that checks every box, listen up: Beats Studio Buds are marked down to $99.95, a savings of $50 off the original $149.95 list price. They’re great if you’ve been looking to upgrade — but also make a fantastic gift.

A good pair of earbuds is hard to find, but Beats Studio Buds more than meets every need. They’re designed to fit comfortably, and include three different tips to ensure you can find the best fit for you.

They offer up to eight hours of run time, with up to 24 hours max time when you use the convenient charging case. Class 1 Bluetooth offers incomparable range.

They’re compatible with both Apple and Android devices — and right now they’re marked down by an impressive 33% off the list price. 


Whether they’ve been on your radar for a while or you’re now delving into the world of Beats, you can expect good things. These are considered the cream of the crop, with reviewers expressing near shock at both the comfort and sound quality.

‘These ear buds fit so well,’ proclaims one user. ‘No discomfort whatsoever. The sound is phenomenal. I was amazed with the spatial quality of the music coming from literally all around… I’d never heard my music played like that before.

It’s a sentiment shared by literally thousands upon thousands of ardent enthusiasts who’ve sworn off other brands in favor of Beats Studio Buds for the noise-cancelling prowess alone.

Beats Studio Buds offer up to eight hours of listening time.

Beats Studio Buds include three different tips to help you enjoy the best possible fit.

Beats Studio Buds are available in a variety of colors, so you can express your style while elevating your listening experience.

‘The noise cancelling in my opinion works really well,’ shares another buyer. ‘I can walk down the street and barely hear cars driving past.’

It’s the kind of next-level performance you expect of a quality pair of earbuds. These offer two distinct listening modes, including active noise cancelling and transparency. 

They’re designed to give you just the type of immersive, true listening experience you expect when you settle in to listen to music or an audiobook, or make a phone call.

A great fit is a huge plus, and these slide securely in the ear and gently settle into place for a comfortable feel. The Beats Studio Buds include a trio of tips so you can customize your fit perfectly.

You can't beat the size — the Beats Studio Buds charging case fits comfortably into any space.

You can’t beat the size — the Beats Studio Buds charging case fits comfortably into any space.

And because they’re compatible with both Apple and Android devices, just about anyone can take advantage of their powerhouse abilities. Offering up to eight hours of listening time and a fantastic look on top of that, Beats Studio Buds are the ones to ‘beat’ — and at this price, you can be sure nothing else will come close.