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Social Interaction Declines as Binge-Watching Increases

Binge-watching is an emerging habit for a decade among all of us in this streaming era.  I binge, you binge, and we all binge with great interest to watch many popular TV shows like “The Queen Gambit”, “Mindhunter”, and “Mr. Robot” on a myriad of streaming services.

Most of us spend our free time binge-watching on Hulu and other Video-on-Demand (VoD) services. Besides the fact that we spend our entire day glued to screens working online. Now, we even end our nights by sinking into the couch and streaming countless episodes till you finally fall asleep!

According to research by Nielson, people are becoming more curious than ever. It is an unbelievable fact that Netflix’s “Stranger Things: Season 2″ creeped out 4 million viewers for an episode, and 361,000 individuals watched its entire nine episodes on the first day.

As a result, we ignore the importance of social interaction between family members, friends, and social gatherings. Talking and listening to our loved ones is gradually fading away, as we tend to appreciate lonesome, which is quite alarming for societies worldwide.

Health Impacts of Binge-Watching

Watching too much TV can have many impacts on our daily lives. Firstly, we irresistibly eat more when binge-watching, and this doubles the number of calories we consume. Since we spend hours on couch and bed to continue streaming, the lack of physical workout leads to no burning of that extra fat!

Secondly, we are sacrificing a healthy sleep while trying to finish the series of episodes late at night when the clock hits morning time, but we still desire to watch what happens next. Thirdly, spending too much time in front of screens has a severe effect on your eyesight in the long run.

Furthermore, sitting in one position and watching for a long time can put a lot of stress on your back muscles, neck, and spine. As a result, you may suffer from backaches and blood clots, wreaking havoc on your muscular elasticity and immune system.

Optimizing Socialization with Binge-Watching

Watching out your favorite streaming shows is an excellent entertainment source for a lazy Sunday or having annual vacations, but this is extremely important to maintain a balance between social life and virtual entertainment.

A binge should never last for several hours, indulging crazily without caring it’s a day or night. You must consider the viewing as this is not the last day to watch, and you can split into multiple days or weeks. I believe this can lead to purposeful entertainment, and you feel more comfortable in this way.

Allocating a limited time for Binge-Watching and avoiding the repeated hours’ engagement is an essential requirement to control the balance of our routine lives. In parallel, we must recognize a need for real social bonding between family members, friends, and relatives is much more critical.

Indeed, spending free time with loved ones can enlighten actual happiness inside you and others. You come to know more about each other, and if anyone is feeling down, a solution can be driven out easily to overcome the stressful situation.

Time is a real gift for your social connections, and it creates a sense of affection and care to them that they are more important than any other aspect of life. Above all, you also feel much more comfortable and relax while interacting and exchanging thoughts with each other.

Final Thoughts

Our lives are packed with a ton of activities, including professional and personal, which requires us to maintain a perfect balance in our lives. There is always a need for entertainment and relaxation, but too much of anything is bad, and if binge-watching is affecting your relationships, you need to control it!