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Solving Heating System Problems

Most household energy is used in heating and cooling and a large amount of the household energy bill goes to the heating, ventilation, and cooling system. Heating repair and maintenance is key to maintain the energy bills that result when the heating system is no longer efficient or has broken down. Cold temperatures can be uncomfortable and may lead to adverse health effects hence the importance of a heating system.

There are several hacks in fixing heating system issues some of which one can do on their own and other problems and repairs require experts in HVAC systems. It is necessary to ensure the safety of any heating system since most of them use natural gas as a source of energy. Natural gas can be dangerous if not handled with care due to its properties such as flammability. The gas is also colourless and may be hard to tell in case of a leakage except by the smell.

Before contacting a professional HVAC repair personnel the following DIY steps can be done by the homeowner to try and fix the system.

Check the thermostat

The function of the thermostat is to sense and control the temperature of the heating and cooling system. A faulty thermostat results in inadequate heating and inaccurate temperature readings. Tracing and identifying issues that are due to thermostat failure is easy. Problems such as no heat can be a result of dead batteries or a switched off control. To resolve such issues, replacing the batteries and ensuring the thermostat is on can be effective. However, if this does not solve the problem, it may be because of loose connections or a blown fuse and may need to be replaced by an expert.

Inspect circuit breaker

Failure of the main circuit breaker can also be the cause of the thermostat shut down. Power outages usually cause the circuit breaker to shut off automatically. The reason for the automatic shutdown is to prevent electricity overloading. In case the circuit breaker shuts down, switching it back on may solve this issue restoring power to the thermostat.

Cleaning heater filter

A fan works by blowing and circulating heated air. It can get spoilt if there is dirt or dust trapped in the filter leading to insufficient heating. Dirt in the filter can cause a restriction in airflow hence the breakdown of the heating system. The house fails to be warmed when heated air cannot flow through the vents or ducts. Cleaning, washing, and replacement of the filter resolve such system issues.

The following are some of the problems that may require heating repair:

  • A damaged blower motor resulting in no power supply to the fan
  • A broken belt hence no energy for the fan to circulate heated or cooled air.
  • Cracked heat exchanger.


Heating to warm the house is very critical especially during cold winter weather. Heating repair may be necessary in case there is no alternative heating option. There are emergency heating system repair services if the system malfunctions at odd times of the night or even during the day. Excess heating or cooling can lead to health effects that require emergencies. Heating repair, therefore, ensures health and safety to the house occupants.