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Some Frequently Asked Question about Black curtains

Curtains have undoubtedly been an important interior accessory since they were first introduced. Although their styles, designs, color combinations, and fabric materials evolved significantly through the time they never went out of fashion and this is the reason you barely see any house, office, or hotel that don’t have curtains, panels, draperies, blinds, or shades. They are not only used for their beautiful outlook but many practical functions as well like providing a blackout or managing the amount of light entering to the place, blocking excessive sound and providing a less noisy space, separate the dressing or restrooms from rest of the bedroom, create an ambience of spacious room, providing privacy and a lot more.

Nowadays they come in a wide range of colors and fabric materials when it comes to curtains which provide one with the desired look and greatly influence the functionality of draperies too. For instance, for a lighted and airy ambience light fabrics in soft hues like white or cream are preferred whereas, for a soft yet formal look skin, gold, or beige-shaded panels made from heavy silk, velvet, or jacquard have opted. So, you can see that people opt for almost every colored panel except the black curtains. Perhaps, they think of it as too bold or top dark color to add to their place or they don’t know how to use, mix or match them with the existing interior. This article summarizes why, how, and where black curtains can be used to help you in a quick transformation in the existing look of your place by making it look more contemporary.

What does black color indicate?

Each color relates to some kitchen meaning like black color relates secret and hidden things which are why it adds a mysterious touch to the place. It makes one feel more secretive and protective providing him with a sense of security against external emotional stress. This color is thought as an indication of gloom, despair, and sadness but it’s a misconception. It actually acts as a barrier between a person and the outside world and provides him comfort by protecting emotion and feeling hiding the insecurity and lack of self-confidence.

In psychology black is the representation of intimidating and unfriendliness because it is a very powerful colour and is used to make a place for a person look unapproachable. It radiates authority and power.

Why black curtains should be used?

Black curtains look very well in spacious places and high ceiling interiors. Because they tend to shrink the place and create an illusion of small and organised interiors making them cosier at the same time. They are an ideal choice for dining rooms, drawing rooms, and even bedrooms for their striking balance between the dull and dark hues. They add a perfectly relaxed and romantic accent to the place as well. Moreover, they lend a hand to a dramatic and mysterious look bringing contrast & elegance to the room where they are hung. If you seek a professional guide you can make them look more inviting and welcoming. Black color has proven benefits when it comes to absorbing the heat and noise and for the very same to same blackout, thermal, and soundproof curtains are mostly made black. Unlike light coloured curtains black ones do not show the sign of stains or marks of physical touch which makes them a good choice for high traffic areas provided that they are hung appropriately.

What are the considerations when adding them to the interior?

It’s not about Black only but every color one needs to consider the available space and the accessories in it when buying curtains. Not all the shades fit well into certain places so there need to be some considerations in order to make your purchase successful. When buying black draperies consider the area of the place where you are thinking to hang them. If it is small then quite probably black panels will create an overwhelming and misfit look. So doors having small rooms should avoid them rather opt for the one having black print with a light colored base.

Also if your room is so full of accessories we request you to avoid black curtains because they will likely shrink your place visually which can make your room appear congested. Doing so can make the curtains Focal Point of your place and distract the attention from other accessories so think wisely before adding them because there can be only one Focal Point in each place.

Tips for adding black curtains to the place

As stated earlier black draperies look well in spacious places especially those having light colored walls like Grey, white, off white, cream, and beach. This creates a perfect blend of light and dark hues making your Windows appear prettier than ever and successfully attract the visitors as well.

As dark colors are prone to fading we recommend you avoid adding them to the windows facing north because the sun shines there brightly and will fade them in just a few weeks. But if you insist on using them despite having a north-facing room opts for heavy, layered or thickly lined black drapes. Whereas the places facing east, west or Southside do not get as much sun so these panels can effectively work there.  They are not a good choice for summer if they are unlined. A single black panel will tend to absorb more heat and increase the temperature of the place gradually. You can also buy now black curtains at our Oxford Home Ware online store.

Black has gained immense popularity when it comes to interior designing. Modern interiors tend to have an accent of black in any form in the place for a dramatic and stylish accent. Black means no colour wait enhances the other colors around it and makes it fit into any room in a stylish way. Any accent rug, couch or soft Furnishing creates an elegant and romantic look against black. So, it’s the right time to break the stereotypes of traditional and light colored panels and go bold.