Some of the Business Ideas with low or no investments


Nowadays, in vast pace world, competition is rising and it is difficult for students to find a job after their studies. Students need to search a lot for a job despite having campus recruitments. Most of the companies prefer freshers with experience and having multiple companies in their resume. In view of companies, it is also true since they pay for the work, so they feel the candidate should be experienced. Since Demand is Low and Supply is high, most of the students join management courses after their bachelors to grasp the idea of business and ways to start, strategies that they should follow and try to acquire proper management skills.

There are very limited ways by which a person can earn money through best business ideas with low investments requirement. Most of the people wish to start a business without investments or Business in India without money.

Some of the Best business ideas in India for beginners are given below

In the vast pace world, skills and intelligence play a major role than money for a bright future. Most of the business in India does not require money. People without enough money can gain knowledge from social media and youtube in subjects you are interested in. The Internet can give you some cool upcoming business ideas in India. Some of them are listed below:

  • Freelancing

If you are good at writing skills and have a good grasp over English then content writing is a great idea. Various companies are there which require content for their websites. Content building and upgrading the description part of websites are always in demand. This work sustains heavy competition in the market. It is among best business ideas with a low investment. People gain huge profit by utilizing the spare time of the regular schedules.

  • The System Works

People with good graphics designing skill and having knowledge in programming can let you earn quite decent. You can use this skill for becoming a good web developer.

People with skills of Web Designing and programming are the future of the evolving companies.

  • Delivery and Transportation

A person or group of people can work on a small scale delivery company. If you work well and the company rises, huge profits are earned. If people are skilled at driving and communication along with basic computer works, the company can be a good active organization.

  • Social Media Influencer and Networking

Social media plays a good role these days. It helps to build a network and for marketing purpose. If you are good social media influencer or reviewer, it is a quite profitable and respectful job to do. If you are investing in a marketing network or advertising it will spread faster with your own created network. Many companies approach for the review and promotion of their product. It will influence your followers by your review and start using the same product or service too.

  • Blogging

Blogging is a kind of advanced form of reviewing as well as influencing social media. It can help you to bring in good status as well as help in earning. You can earn additional benefits from both companies as well as social media like YouTube. You should be confident about what you are doing and it should be genuine. Some business may require an initial investment for a startup but incoming profits will be more than the investment you put in your business.


Some of the people with the question of how to start a business in India without money should have got some idea for starting a business with fewer investments. You should possess some skills like consistency, hard work and confidence if you won’t be successful. These entire skills together can be the key to success. It helps you to be successful in your business.