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South Australian police officer was filmed punching handcuffed vandal after he allegedly spat on him

Brutal moment a police officer punches a handcuffed vandal in the face after the 22-year-old ‘spat on him’

  • A police officer was filmed punching a handcuffed vandal in the face
  • Footage of the incident filmed by the accused’s cousin has surfaced 
  • Police say the accused spat on the officer involved during the arrest

A police officer was filmed punching a handcuffed vandal in the face after the accused allegedly spat on him.

Officers were called to an address in Morphett Vale, Adelaide, about 3.45pm on Saturday after reports of three men marking graffiti on property.

When they arrived, they arrested the men involved – including a 22-year-old from the area.

In footage taken by the accused’s cousin, the arrest appeared to be going smoothly – involving three officers who had successfully handcuffed the vandal.  

But about five seconds into the video, which was obtained by 7News, the male officer punched the accused in the jaw.

Chaos immediately ensued as the man behind the camera launched an expletive-laden tirade, accusing the officer of being a ‘dirty dog’.

The cameraman appeared to inject himself into the fray as his cousin was manoeuvred onto the ground. 

‘Get the f**k off my cousin… you just smacked him in the face you dog,’ the man shouted.

‘You’re f**ked you dumb dog, you f**king pig.’  

The man continued to criticise the officer for ‘doing his cousin like that’ before eventually reminding him he ‘had the entire thing on tape’. 

‘You just smacked my cousin you dumb c**t, why even do that when we’ve got you on record?’ 

Two female officers then demanded that everybody stepped away from the operation until the accused was escorted to the waiting police car. 

About five seconds into the video the male officer appeared to lose his temper and punched the accused square in the jaw

A spokeswoman for South Australian Police told Daily Mail Australia the three accused had run from police prior to the filmed content.

‘The suspects ran into a nearby house,’ she said.

‘It will be alleged during the arrest he resisted police and assaulted police including spitting on the face and arm of an officer.’

The man was charged with marking graffiti, resisting and assaulting police and is expected to appear in Christies Beach Magistrates Court on August 14. 

The accused insisted he intended on spitting on the floor and meant no harm to the officer.