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South Park creators reveal they are REPUBLICANS

Kayne West

The rapper’s inflated ego is attacked by South Park after he fails to get a joke about fish sticks, and is driven to distraction by everyone calling him a ‘gay fish’ for reasons he doesn’t understand.

After torturing a man to death in search of the answer, Kanye concludes that everyone was actually trying to deliver him a message about his sexuality the entire time, and ends the episode dressed as a fish, singing a song about being gay.


The Jersey Shore cast member is ruthlessly portrayed as a half-human, half-ratlike creature who says Snooki’s name repeatedly in a strange voice while trying to have sex with everything in sight.

The episode also took on Jersey culture as portrayed in Jersey Shore, showing everyone from there as self-obsessed, perma-tanned, and very quick to violence.


Bono’s obsession with being the best at things got the South Park treatment when he takes on Stan’s dad, Randy, at a ‘biggest poop’ competition.

While it is first thought that Bono holds the current record that Randy is trying to beat, it turns out that Bono is actually the record-breaking feces, who was raised as a human.

In the words of one character, that explains why Bono is so obsessed with being number one ‘because really he’ll always be a number two’.

Al Gore

The former Vice President was held up as a figure of fun in one of the show’s early seasons as campaigning on useless issues by leading a hunt to find ‘Manbearpig’.

The creature, which actually turns out to be real, is, according to Gore ‘half man, half bearpig’ which he is ‘super cereal’ about capturing.

When the animal is eventually captured, by Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny, Gore takes all the credit for himself.

Michael Jackson 

While the character is actually called Mr Jefferson, he bears an unmistakable resemblance to the former celebrity, and wears a fake mustache which keeps falling off.

The character keeps inviting children to stay at his house and take part in magical imaginary adventures with him.

When the town turns on him, he keeps accusing worried parents of being ‘ignorant’. 


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