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Southport Central Apartment Towers: Daredevil filmed scaling balconies of Gold Coast high rise

Heartstopping moment a man risks death by climbing between balconies on a high rise apartment building 24 STOREYS above the ground

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Terrifying footage has emerged of a daredevil skylarker risking death while scaling a high rise apartment tower on the Gold Coast.

The video filmed on Sunday shows the man scaling a Southport residential tower and leaping between balconies 24 storeys high, horrifying shocked onlookers below.

One mistake could have seen the man plunge to his death. 

The incident took place at Southport Central Apartment Towers, where it’s understood residents home at the time were oblivious to the thrillseeker’s antics.

The stuntman could now be charged with unlawfully climbing a building and face possible jail time. The maximum penalty for the offence is 12 months behind bars.

A daredevil was filmed risking his life leaping between balconies of a high rise apartment tower in Southport on the Gold Coast

Footage of the stunt shocked Gold Coast locals who described the man’s antics as foolish and reckless. 

‘Oh my God! Very dangerous what he’s doing,’ one man told Nine News.

Another added: ‘Unacceptable. That’s crazy!’ 

Others questioned why the daredevil was up there with the Gold Coast renowned for its Spiderman burglaries. 

The incident prompted authorities to warn high rise apartment residents to keep balcony doors locked to deter similar daredevils from breaking in. 

The shocking incident was filmed hours after a man aged in his 30s was rushed to hospital with horrific leg injuries after he fell 6m from a beer garden balcony in nearby Surfers Paradise on Saturday night.

It’s understood he was trying to retrieve a dropped phone at the time.

One mistake could have seen the stuntman plunge 24 storeys to his death

One mistake could have seen the stuntman plunge 24 storeys to his death