Southport, Gold Coast: Shocking moment driver dressed in a hi-vis shirt threatens to punch in another motorist’s window during a road rage incident

A furious truck driver has stormed over and threatened to smash the window of another motorist’s vehicle in a road rage incident caught on camera.

The footage was taken from inside the cabin of the man’s car in the Gold Coast suburb of Southport in south-east Queensland on Wednesday morning. 

In the motorist’s video a hi-vis wearing truck driver can be seen shouting at him from the other side of the road as vehicles wait at lights.

A Gold Coast truck driver has been caught on camera storming over to confront another motorist in a road rage incident on Wednesday

Suddenly the man in the hi-vis decides to take it up a notch by storming over to his antagonist’s vehicle.

‘Keep going, keep going, hit me car,’ says the driver while filming as the man in hi-vis approaches.

As he pulls up outside the window the would-be assailant flips the bird and then shapes to throw a mighty punch at the car window but delivers the blow with little force.

‘You want to smash me car up?’ the man inside the car taunts. 

As the man in hi-vis walks back to his own medium-sized truck the car driver continues to goad him.

‘Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going,’ he says.

Those commenting on the video, which was posted on the Channel Nine Facebook page, said the incident needed more context.

‘These sort of movies are so one-sided. What did the guy behind the camera do to get him so aggravated????’ one person asked. 

‘Always best to know both sides of the story first.’

‘Doesn’t matter what happens he should keep his cool,’ one person replied.

A number noted the truck driver’s seeming bluff. 

The truck driver shaped to smash in the driver's side window but delivered the blow with little force

The truck driver shaped to smash in the driver’s side window but delivered the blow with little force

‘Acting tough but backed out punching the window,’ one person said. 

‘Hahaha couldn’t knock the froth off a cappuccino,’ said another.

There were calls for the truck driver to be sacked.

‘That attitude, driving an 8-ton chunk of steel, makes for a deadly accident waiting to happen,’ one commenter warned.

‘This bloke needs to be assessed for his right to even drive.’

Another saw the incident as symptomatic of society’s ills. 

‘What’s wrong with people these days??, the asked.

‘So, much anger and horrible behaviour!!! Just relax.’ 

Queensland police have been contacted for comment.