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Sperm donor who wants to father 2,500 children is ‘putting lives at risk’

‘The real risk is that a woman will die a spinster without a child’: American sperm donor who wants to father 2,500 children by travelling the world and having unprotected sex aims to impregnate 15 Australian women

  • ‘Joe Donor’, 47, claims to have fathered at least 100 children across the world
  • The end goal of the self-styled, international sperm donor is 2,500 children
  • In February he went on his ‘Tour Down Under’, aiming to impregnate 15 women
  • His ‘preferred method’ with his clients is natural, although sex is unprotected 

A man who aims to father 2,500 children by having unprotected sex with scores of women across the world has travelled to Australia in a bid to impregnate 15 women.

American ‘Joe Donor’ is a self-appointed international sperm donor who freely admits he is on a mission to impregnate as many women as he can. 

He claims to have already fathered over 100 children and has 2,500 kids as a long term goal. 

Earlier this month, the 47-year-old landed in Australia with plans to meet with at least half a dozen Australian women.  

‘I have 100 successful cases that I know of, and many others either didn’t get pregnant or have chosen not to let me know when their babies are born,’ he told 10 daily late last year.

‘Joe Donor’ (pictured) travels the world offering his sperm to women looking to fall pregnant

He claims to be a modern day white knight, helping women who are not able to conceive naturally. 

The man offers vials of his ‘super’ sperm to help women artificially inseminate, accompanied by a fee.

However, his favoured method to pass on his sperm is natural sex – without a condom. 

He offers his services at no charge, with ‘more than half of his clients’ reportedly agreeing to the proposal.

An investigation by 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes questioned the moral behaviour of the American after she claimed he didn’t appear to have any concerns for the women he was providing sperm to.

He said he felt the bigger risk was that ‘a woman will die a spinster without a child.’

The investigation also uncovered that his sperm is passed privately, which puts ‘Joe’ in a position to bypass medical checks. 

'Joe Donor' (pictured) is a 47-year-old American who offers his 'super sperm' to women across the globe

‘Joe Donor’ (pictured) is a 47-year-old American who offers his ‘super sperm’ to women across the globe



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