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Sports betting: main bets and how to make them

Even people far from sports are interested in sports betting more and more. And this is understandable, making a bet as if you are completing a quest in a game with a decent reward.

The main types of bets in the bookmaker’s office

In the article, we will tell you about what a novice gambler needs to do in any gambling establishment in order not to waste every bet and, preferably, to break big wins.

A bookmaker is a platform where you place bets at clearly defined odds. You are offered a variety of betting options (markets), these bets are subject to maximum limits, you can choose events from a large number of sports.

Thus, a bookmaker company is an organization that accepts bets on all possible outcomes of sports events at clearly defined odds.

It is immediately difficult for beginner players to understand a wide selection of bets, therefore, further, we will consider what types of bets on sports are and what their features are.

Single (single rate)

This is the simplest type of bet: a player bet that a sporting event will have a specific outcome. For example, after 2 matches, his favorite football team will win. Such a bet is made in one click.

Express bets (steam locomotive)

If the bettor wants to make several bets in the same coupon, which will not be linked to each other, then they speak of an express bet. The advantage of such a bet is that the odds for it are usually higher than for single bets.

As a result, the total odds will be obtained by multiplying all the odds of the rates that were included in the coupon. But at the same time, the probability that the express will pass is lower than that of the single.

Express bet system

If there are several express bets, then this is a system. The main advantage of such a system is that if the event does not play, the rest will still make a profit.

But beginners should know that for them the optimal choice of bets is an ordinary one because, without proper experience in forecasting, you can not guess the outcome of all events in the system and lose a lot. In turn, predicting the outcome of one event will be much easier.

The most popular sports bettings are football and hockey. But basketball and tennis are also at the top. But before placing bets on a particular sport, you should know the following features:

  • there is no draw in tennis, so it is better to use a financial strategy that works with equilibrium coefficients reaching 2.00;
  • hockey and basketball are characterized by the fact that here the team can win not only during the regular time but also during extra time.

Types of markets

The rates can also be in different markets. For example, W1 (or W2) is a bet that the first team (or the second) will win.

Handicap – it can be positive or negative. A handicap can provide an advantage or complicate the task (counting unscored goals or taking them away).

Total is a bet that reflects the total number of goals or points scored throughout the entire match or half. In this case, the total can be for one player, for one team, or for both teams at once.

Since most of the players bet on these markets, they are considered to be the main ones, therefore, they are available in every bookmaker’s office.

Additional markets

They are not everywhere, but they are still common enough that they are worth considering.

Odd / even rate. As the name implies, the player bets on an even number of goals (for example, 0, 2, 4, etc.) or an odd number (for example, 1, 3, 5, etc.) Further). Since the odds of odd or even are the same, this bet is compared to casino roulette.

Correct score bet. The odds in this market are very high, but the bettor needs to accurately guess the outcome of the event.

A bet on whether a specific player will score a goal. Such bets are usually made by players expecting a goal from their favorite football player.

Prematch and live

Prematch is the period before the start of a sporting event. In this case, the prematch line can be early or late, for example, the market at N1Bet appears several days before the event. But there will be more betting markets on the later line.

If we take into account the fluctuations between the early and late lines, then you can develop a profitable strategy for yourself.

It should be understood that the early line can take away the state of affairs only objectively, and before the onset of the late line, the market can be oversaturated in one direction or another.

Because of this, the bookmaker is trying to shift the interest of the players to the opposite bet by decreasing the odds.

Another classification of sports betting

At the bookies, you can place bets not only on popular sports and events, but also on exclusive ones, for example, ping-pong, curling, or field hockey. In addition, there is an opportunity to place bets on prestigious championships (big markets) and little-known tournaments (small markets).

Any world event, even an unsportsmanlike one, if it arouses bettors’ interest, can be included in the line. For example, presidential elections in a particular country, winning Eurovision, awarding a prize, and so on.

In addition, now almost all self-respecting bookmaker companies provide an opportunity to place bets on e-sports and virtual sports.