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Sports Injury: Treatment and Prevention Guide

Athletes are typically impacted by a sporting accident.  But do you realize that even if you’re not a professional sportsman, you could still get sports-related injuries? Kids and adults are also capable of getting them! And a sports massage is by far the most effective remedy. The Elevate Physio clinic in Singapore is the leading provider of physiotherapy care and services for sports injuries. You may not realize that your common sprain is a sporting accident anymore. To understand more about sports injury, keep is following the post, which will help you understand and address the problem of sports injury.

Sports Injury Defined

Injuries that arise during a competition or a simple exercise result in a sports injury. Musculoskeletal system pain and injuries are the other terms for a sports injury. This is because, because of strenuous exercises, the muscle or skeletal structure gets compromised. The risk of sports injuries is raised by improper procedures, lack of preparation, and mostly due to overtraining.

How do physiotherapists treat and manage a sports injury?

RICE has been the most popular sports injury care. Rest, Frost, Height, Compression. This medication is very successful for minor sports injuries and should be applied within two to 3 days of the incident. This can aid in reducing swelling and inflammation. Medications for pain can also improve and relieve discomfort.

That being said, you ought to see your physician if the discomfort is serious. A specialist has to examine it, particularly if there are abnormalities and swelling or trouble with movement. There are many occasions where, due to severe sports injury, operation or physiotherapy is required.

Sports Massage for Sports Injury

Sports massage is indeed very successful for the treatment of sports injuries not just for healing but also for training and tissue repair. When you have a forthcoming sporting match, you should apply your sports massage training. This will hold the body in place for optimum results.

For recuperation, during an athletic event, it can make the muscles relax and not having to worry about sports damage, as well as training you until your next match. And then for rehabilitation, sports massage is applicable for everybody.  Sports massage will relax your tension if there is stress in your body due to fatigue at work for a prolonged period or doing domestic chores.

Are there different forms of sports injury that I need to know about?

  • Strains– It is a stretched or fractured tissue or tendon. Tendons bind the bone to the muscle. From stretching or tearing these tissues, the strain may be generated. Strains may progress over a certain period, but they may also happen suddenly.
  • Runner’s knee– Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is the medical term. This is a debilitating disorder that arises when the smooth muscles of the joint padding, tendons, and certain other knee structures get irritated, and excessive usage is the major cause. In addition to being debilitating, the runner’s knee can be linked to snapping and breaking, and by modifying movements that cannot impact the knee, it may alleviate complications.
  • Sprain– A ligament that is broken or extended. The ligaments are fibers that connect the bones to a joint, and the strained ligament’s common reasons are bending, striking, and dropping. The most prominent side of the body that is sprained are the ankles and wrists.
  • Achilles Tendonitis– It is a swelling that induces pain in the lower back of the thigh. It can feel sore and bruised, making it impossible for a person to support his/her weight. It is indeed probable to tear the Achilles Tendon, which can inflict intense discomfort.
  • Inflammation of muscles– when there is trauma in the affected region, the tissues get swollen. The inflammation varies on the injury’s seriousness.
  • Rotator cuff injury– A grouping of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint is the rotator cuff. It keeps the end of the upper arm bone tightly and helps to move the shoulder. If either of the muscles cracks, the rotator cuff gets hurt.
  • Bone fractures and dislocation– Injuries will snap the bones and dislodge them. Extreme pressure and inflammation would be experienced.

How can I prevent sports injury from happening again?

A significant part of preserving general health is physical activity. To mitigate the risk of sports injuries, some steps should be taken like:

  1. Safeguard and use the right gear.
  2. Dress in the mentioned protective outfit.
  3. Begin with minor exercises. Do not hurry. It will allow the muscle time to acclimate to the workouts that are challenging.
  4. Examine your body and attend to it. Decrease it and let the body relax whether you experience pain or irritation.
  5. Sports massage- It is a massage technique that works on the parts of the body that are underutilized and aims to avoid and recover from injuries.

Where to go for sports injury treatment in Singapore?

If this interests you, Elevate Physiotherapy in Singapore offers a sports massage to help you stay mobile and keep going. They do not only provide services to athletes but also to any patient who needs their assistance. Good luck with your recovery!