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Spring Fling: 5 of the Best Plants to Grow in Your Garden this Spring Season

Can you smell that? Fresh grass, the smell of dew hangs in the air as it also brings a breeze, smelling like a newly-picked bouquet. Yes, spring has arrived.

What perfect time is it for plant lovers and green thumbs to take out their gloves, rack, spade, and trowel than this season? However excited you are, though, be of no haste as picking the plants you want to adorn your garden in the spring needs meticulous and thorough planning.

To aid you in choosing the right plants to cultivate at home, here are the 5 of the best ones to grow this season and a care guide to go along with your plant of choice:

 Grape Hyacinth

Known to don brilliant and cool shades ranging from purple, blue and white, in some instances even yellow blossoms, grape hyacinths are also distinctly recognized because they cluster together on a stalk – which is why it bears “grape” in its name. For sure, grape hyacinths provide loads of spring color that would add beauty to your home garden.

When purchased in your local garden store or hardware, these tiny bulbs are inexpensive and relatively easy to grow. They can be grown on a flower bed or in a container and could be ascertained as “weedy” because they easily naturalize and reproduce in any condition and season.

With this, care for this plant only requires the minimum – planting them in an area where they could soak up the sunshine and well-draining soil is the key to growing a cluster, or if you want, a flowerbed of grape hyacinths.


Fun fact – daffodils are also referred to as narcissus, coined after the name of the mythological character Narcissus, known for his fall after admiring his beauty too much. True enough, daffodils are flowers that hold much beauty, making them one of the most loved garden staples for plant lovers.

Daffodils are widely cultivated for their trumpet-like blossoms and boast of a wide variety of flowers with orange, pink, white, and yellow colors. They are bulbous plants that produce one to three flowers after planting. As they are fast growers, they quickly and naturally multiply, thereby giving you sooner than you could think of a bounty splash of color.

These pretty flowers are easy to care for as they can thrive under full sunshine or partial light. Moreover, they are not fussy growers as they are not too picky with soil and can grow anywhere as long as the soil they’re planted in is not soggy.


Certainly a crowd favorite, tulip flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. At some point in history, tulips have become the most expensive flower globally, and to make it more coveted, tulip flowers only get to bloom 3-7 days during the spring.

Flower lovers can find tulips in every color, and over time, different meanings for each color have been attributed to them. For example, red symbolizes love, while white symbolizes purity and innocence. More importantly, tulips are the best flowers to make anyone know that spring has arrived.

A sunny spot with good drainage shall suffice as an area to grow these flowers. Well-draining soil is the key to growing your tulip bulbs in no time, as they are fussy when it comes to moisture. The best time to plant your tulip babies just in time for spring would be mid-winter, so it is best to purchase them in late August or early September.


The presence of this flower is one of the telltale signs that spring is on the way. A common but pretty sight to see, these flowers are often spotted clustered together in pale cream colors to sunny yellow. There are even some variants that boost the shade of white with a yellow center and pink.

Primroses can practically grow anywhere, from marshlands to roadsides and even alpine slopes. Safe to stay, primroses can withstand harsh conditions. Primroses make a lovely addition to your rock or shade garden for home gardening, and they can even be grown as bedding plants.

Growing primroses only requires basic maintenance and care. Although they can grow in different conditions, they prefer climates with not too much harsh sunlight and survive best in soil with good moisture levels.


Last but certainly not least, to add to your spring flower collection are lilacs. These dainty blossoms are known for their fragrance and boast spring colors ranging from purple, pink, lavender, and white. Lilacs have been well-loved for centuries that growing them in your own home might transport you back in time to your grandparents’ house.

Lilacs only need minimal care as they are known to be hardy and thrive by themselves in any setting and weather. They love the sun and would prefer not to be grown in shady areas. Lilacs also love to be cultivated in organic, moist, and well-drained soil. They also attract birds and butterflies, making it easier for their pollination and dispersal.


Spring is not complete without these beautiful plants that you can grow in your garden. With tender, loving care and attention, growing these wonderful blooms would liven up your mood just in the time for this season.