Stainless steel prep table for serving food in a restaurant

Kitchens of restaurants must ensure food safety and simplicity of meal prep routine. The speed, quality, and convenience of the food preparation process are the top criteria when considering the essential kitchen furniture such as a stainless steel prep table. Used in commercial spaces, it enhances efficiency through the range of advantages. That’s why selecting the appropriate work table is an essential component for your commercial success. You can choose among a variety of options depending on your needs.

Stainless steel is a preferable type of material as it is easy to maintain, clean, and sanitize. Temperature, liquids, and, generally, food won’t affect the integrity of the steel table surface. Crucial things to know before purchasing the product:

  • Accessories: the table can have adjustable legs, casters for easy movement around the kitchen and serving food for clients, under-shelves for storing equipment, drop-in sink for safer and quicker food prep.
  • Countertop corners: a work table can have rounded or square corners to be more adjustable to the kitchen space.
  • Hassle-free assembly: search for manufacturers that offer quick assembly and installation of their kitchen tools.
  • Eco-friendliness: being a green product, stainless steel is an ideal eco solution for businesses whose policy includes using recycled material, protecting the environment, and avoiding harmful impact on nature.
  • Stainless steel possesses a range of useful properties: durability, hygiene, as well as the resistance to the effects of hot pots and pans, detergents, temperature changes, and mechanical damages make it a valuable investment for your commercial kitchen.

Why stainless steel prep table is a top choice for commercial kitchens

Stainless steel counter tables are always a great pick for any kitchen. Apart from the mentioned above features, there are some even more compelling reasons why it is worth considering. First of all, a stainless steel prep table is the favorite choice of well-known and famous chefs of the most reputable restaurants all over the world. This is an ergonomic and practical solution for their kitchens. Stainless steel is really durable and its life expectance is over 50 years but only in case of proper maintenance.

Tips on the maintenance of stainless steel food prep table

Caring for a steel work table is an integral part of the restaurant cleaning strategy. Such an approach ensures food safety and compliance with hygienic rules and standards which is vital for the foodservice industry. The following recommendations can ensure more competent and careful cleaning process:

  • use the right tools for cleaning to avoid scratching and damaging the surface (microfiber towel or a soft cloth);
  • choose chemicals with the right formulations;
  • disinfect and sanitize the stainless steel regularly;
  • apply a cleaning powder and use a scratchless power pad to eliminate the rust and easily remove grime;
  • to liquidate corrosive element and make the surface look brand new and shiny, use the metal polish of a trustworthy brand;
  • to remove fingerprints, you can use a glass cleaner;
  • don’t forget to rinse and dry the table right away.

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