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Start your business today on a virtual platform

A virtual office is generally an address that can be used to register for a business. A virtual office offers a wide range of functions than a physical office that simply means of business registration. Virtual offices are far better than the physical office.

Advantages of virtual offices

  • No Commute Time – in a non-virtual office an employee at minimum use to spend 2 – 3 hours in getting ready for office and then travelling to the office, because of which employees get tired and their productivity decreases and they are not able to focus on their work also sometimes. But in a virtual office, the 2 – 3 hours of an employee is saved, and moreover, he does have to travel to the office and get tired at the beginning itself. Because of this, there is a substantial increase in the productivity of an employee and they are more focused towards their work.
  • Access to worldwide talent – in a non – virtual office a company cannot hire people from anywhere, or if they hire people from different cities or states or country. The company needs to bear some expenses of an employee or needs to increase their salary. But in a virtual office, a company can hire a person from anywhere which in turn gives access to worldwide talent.
  • Less overhead – in a non – virtual office a company needs to bear lots of expenses like an office lease, utility payments, hardware or some associated costs. But in a virtual office, there is no extra expense incurred which in result increases the profit margin of the company, and also the company can invest more in its employees.
  • Flexibility – in a non – virtual office there is no flexibility. There is a specific closing and opening time of the office and if an employee wishes to go for an outing in that particular time then he is required to take special permission from his boss. On the other hand, there is flexibility in a virtual office. There is no specific opening and closing time of a virtual office, and if an employee wishes to go for outing then he just needs to submit his work and then he is free to do whatever he likes to do.
  • Employees are more active – in virtual office employees are more active and energetic. In a non – virtual office employees sometimes get tired because of which they are less active.
  • Privacy – in a non – virtual office your personal identity no more remains personal, every employee working in your office knows you. But in a virtual office your personal identity is only with the company, and neither you know other employees of your company nor do they know you.

Icon offices provide you with the best virtual office London at cheap rates. They have different types of packages for the people seeking for virtual office London. Fulfilling their customer demand and satisfaction of London virtual office, they also have packages for people who have small budgets. They are a customer-friendly organisation which provides 24×7 call answering service for clearing queries and problems of their customers.

Features of having Virtual office London service package –

  • Use of address – for registration of a company there is a use of an individual physical address. For the registration of companies, this address acts as a unique address for a shared or specific business.
  • Mail Forwarding – it provides you with a service of forwarding of mail to ensure that the business-related emails are received and forwarded to a designated address or not.
  • Virtual Receptionist and assistants – their service package provides you with a trained person who handles your business call and clearing queries of your customers, and a virtual assistant for handling all your administrative and operational tasks.
  • Accountancy Services – their trained team provides you with advice and support to deal with various accounting issues.
  • Other services – for managing your business and corporate account they provide support for the opening of an account. They also provide you with legal support and gives necessary advice for registration and protection of trademark.

London virtual office is generally the first preference of start-ups, small business & sole traders, and multinationals. There are many benefits of choosing the best virtual office London are –

  • Professionalism – if you choose a right address for setting up your virtual office it can provide your office with a good professional image and leaves a strong impression when your customers will search for your business and will enquire about it. You should always choose a virtual address for your business that represents perfectly what your business is all about.
  • Flexibility – you don’t need to search or wait for space to become available for setting up your virtual office. It offers flexibility for both small and large business. Moreover, if you are seeing substantial growth in your business and want to shift your office from virtual to physical then you are free to do that without any restriction.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – rent of a virtual office is cheap when we compare it with the rent of a physical office. In a physical office more of capital is required to set up a perfect office, like furniture cost, fixed assets cost, etc. But in a virtual office, all these costs are saved and because of this, the profit margin of your company will be increased.
  • Staff Convenience – in a virtual office there is more staff convenience than a physical office. You can choose employees for any office from any part of the world. It is also seen that employees in virtual office employees tend to take fewer leaves as compared to employees working in a physical office.

So if you are planning to start your business then the best option is to start it over virtual platform because it has more benefits as compared to a physical office. Having a virtual office address will give you the freedom to conduct your business work from any corner of the world. In short, you use a real physical address for the registration of your business and operate your business from them anywhere you like.