Start your Project Manager Journey with Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma and project management have become buzzwords among recruiters and job-seekers. The Six Sigma certification is crucial for a successful project management career.

Many people pursue accreditation to become highly-paid project managers with top companies worldwide. However, others are unfamiliar with the relationship between Lean Six Sigma and project management.

They think that Lean Six Sigma is an altogether different concept and pursue more tedious pathways to become a project manager. Not all know that Lean Six Sigma is the most sure-shot roadmap to becoming a successful project manager with top companies in any country.

So, are you planning to pursue a career in project management?

It’s best to prepare for the industry-recognized Lean Six Sigma certification. You might be reading the term – Lean Six Sigma – for the first time. So, it’s crucial to know the role of Lean Six Sigma in shaping your project management career.

Here’s how the Six Sigma certification will help you!

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification – Understanding its Meaning

Professionals with Green Belt certification have accomplished a critical milestone in the hierarchical pyramid of Lean Six Sigma certification programs.

An individual who has been “educated on the improvement technique of Six Sigma and will manage a process or quality improvement team as part of their full-time work” is called a Six Sigma Green Belt.

A Green Belt certification sets certificate holders apart from other job applicants who have no idea of DMAIC and other crucial concepts learned during Six Sigma training.

Lean Six Sigma for Aspiring Project Managers

You and your business will benefit from obtaining a Six Sigma certification. Six Sigma approaches have the power to increase sales and satisfy customers for your business.

Your marketability will increase, and you’ll have a better chance of finding rewarding work in the future.

Career Advancement

To advance in your career is the most popular reason for getting a certification. Employers can see that you have a specific skill set if you have that certification. There may be fierce competition for jobs.

You may stand out from the crowd by demonstrating that you understand and can apply lean six Sigma.

Helps Foster Leadership and Managerial Ability

After earning your Six Sigma certification, you’ll have a solid grasp of estimating and assessing financial advantages. You become prepared for leadership responsibilities through Six Sigma training.

You develop leadership skills by learning ways to reduce expenses and boost revenue. You gain knowledge about how to make business processes more effective. Six Sigma Black Belt holders are also prepared to lead change within their organizations.

They are in charge of improving procedures. They contribute to raising the caliber of goods and services offered to clients.

For middle and top-level management, managing finances and identifying risk is desirable. Professionals with a certification in Six Sigma have an excellent probability of progressing to senior managerial positions.


A recognized body does not oversee the Lean Six Sigma certification procedure. The actual certification and training facilitate a culture of improvement. Process management benefits as well. Six Sigma and lean practitioners speak with a similar vocabulary.

They better understand the actions required to improve a process and lessen waste.

Enhance Business Procedures and Continue to Improve Quality

The ability to recognize the traits of an organization’s business operations. You can monitor, evaluate, manage, and enhance them. Additionally, you will be able to assess current procedures.

You will obtain a clear understanding of how they affect performance quality. You can demonstrate your knowledge once you have obtained the Six Sigma certification.

You can carefully monitor procedures to ensure no variation from the mean. In a project, you will have the ability to make adjustments. You’ll also develop the skills necessary to reach the ongoing quality improvement required by the organization.

Excellent Salary

According to a survey by, Six Sigma certified experts make between $100,000 and $150,000 annually. They are amongst the highest-paid professionals globally.

Applicability across Industries

How much is a Six Sigma certification worth? Electronics, aerospace, IT, banking and financial services, telecom, human resources, marketing, and many other industries can benefit from the Six Sigma methodology.

No doubt earning a Six Sigma certification would improve your work prospects. You will make more money. Exams for Six Sigma are challenging to pass. One of the reasons Six Sigma certified experts are highly respected is because of this.

This phenomenon is commonly known to executives and hiring managers at essential companies.

Leading the organization’s efforts to improve quality will be you. You can focus on acting as a change agent inside the organization if you have a Six Sigma certification. By doing this, you’ll improve your leadership abilities.

Six Sigma certified professionals are informed about many ways to streamline corporate processes. Professionals with a six sigma certification are masters at boosting profits and cutting costs. Regardless of the industry, they improve the bottom line.

You must adjust as a professional to the shifting demands of your field. Regardless of your career, you must understand how to adapt your knowledge to various scenarios.

Ensure Compliance

Six Sigma’s strict quality standards decrease process mistakes to negligible levels.

Due to this, many businesses now evaluate their goods and services using Six Sigma. You will be able to assist firms in adhering to international standards and sustaining profitable operations if you are certified as a Six Sigma professional.

Gain Hands-On Experience in Quality Management

Work on actual business initiatives is required as part of the Six Sigma certification process.

It provides practice in applying concepts to factual circumstances. Even before entering the field, becoming a certified Six Sigma specialist will give you essential experience.


The Lean Six Sigma certification can help you become a project manager quickly. You only need to choose a standard Six Sigma course like Simplilearn online Bootcamp to prepare for the certification exam.

Once you have the accreditation, your project management goal isn’t far away from you.