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Staying Ban Free When Using Game Cheats

Online video games are being played more than ever before, especially with everyone locked up from Covid over the past year. The new trend is to use game cheats to have an advantage when playing online shooter games. The problem is anti-cheat is getting better, and many cheat programmers can’t get past EAC, VAC, or other anti-cheat methods. The best way to stay ban-free is by using an HWID Spoofer when you cheat.

Change Every PC Component

When you use an HWID Spoofer, the program changes all the components on your PC so you can be marked with a ban. The spoofer changes your address (used to track you) on your graphic card, monitor, WIFI board, mouse, keyboard, processor, and more. Once all the info is changed, if you get banned, you simply rerun the spoofer, change all the numbers a second time, and your playing ban-free once again.

Makes the Game More Fun

When you use the HWID Spoofer, it makes cheating in any game more fun. Instead of having to worry about getting a ban, you can just rage kill the entire team. The spoofer’s job is to hide you from getting banned for good and keep you hidden anytime you use a cheat. Some cheat sites don’t offer a spoofer, so make sure you select a place with a good reputation before you start cheating.

Should I Use a Free HWID Spoofer?

We would never suggest using a free HWID Spoofer because these types of programs include malware or info to see everything on your PC. Using a paid VIP spoofer is safe. After all, the site you buy from has to keep a good reputation with the credit card companies. If everyone buying gets upset and does a reversal or chargeback, a site would no longer be able to charge users. So any paid site is usually the best choice when looking for an HWID Spoofer.

The Best HWID Spoofer Tested

Our team has used HWID Spoofers from various websites around the internet. We found that IWantCheats has the best HWID Spoofer online and provides the best price to users. The current special is $44.99 for 30 days of usage. Many other websites charge $100 or more for 30 days, so you’ll get the best bargain with IWantCheats.


Video games and cheats are trending all around the globe. Cheats are full of advantages, and using an HWID Spoofer is the best way to stay safe while using your cheats.