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Steph Claire Smith, 24, shows the results of gym regime in cheeky bum-flashing snap 

As the saying goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. 

And Instagram influencer Steph Claire Smith did just that on Friday morning, when she shared a cheeky bottom-flashing snap with her 1.3 Instagram followers.

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The social media superstar posed for a portrait of her posterior during a recent trip to Thailand.

The cheek of it! Fitness influencer Steph Claire Smith, 24, shows the results of her exercise regime in cheeky bottom-flashing snap 

Clearly missing the bikini weather, Steph captioned the picture, ‘Already miss it’. 

Steph’s peachy behind doesn’t come without hard work. The fitness fanatic frequently hits the gym and shares her butt-busting workouts with her Insta-fans.

The model’s dedicated army of followers certainly seemed to appreciate the saucy shot.  

‘Backside of a goddess!’ one stunned fan commented. 

Another quipped, ‘Why didn’t I study to be a photographer? Damn those guidance counselors!’ while a third joked, ‘Oh my god!! I think it’s perfect!! ….. the colour of the water I mean! What else?’

Speaking out: The fitness model has spoken out about her struggles with body image in the past

Speaking out: The fitness model has spoken out about her struggles with body image in the past

In April, Steph revealed she hasn’t always been so clued up on healthy living. She admitted she used to eat ‘whatever I wanted (a lot of junk),’ until her metabolism slowed down and she ‘gained a lot of weight’.

‘I went through a stage of being incredibly confused and upset – I couldn’t understand why when I started eating well and exercising,’ she candidly told followers.

Steph continued, ‘Took me a long time to realize that it was just my body developing into its womanly figure. 

‘Now EVERYONE is different, every women’s body is different, some change a lot over time, some have the same body type their whole life, but for me, I went from being lanky and skinny to curvy and muscular.   

‘Through the pressures I put on myself through modeling I continued to get upset at the thought of never having those measurements again. 

Her journey: The social media superstar frequently shares her fitness journey with her 1.3 million eager Instagram followers

‘Makes me sad thinking back at that mental state of mine. I feel strong, fit, healthy and confident now but it really was a journey.’

The 24-year-old founded her own fitness program, Keep it Cleaner, with online sensation and exercise buff Laura Henshaw. 

The girls advocate a training plan including boxing, running and high intensity interval training to build muscle and burn away fat.



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