Strange number plate on Range Rover leaves Melbourne drivers stunned: ‘Never seen this before’

Strange number plate on Range Rover leaves Melbourne drivers stunned: ‘Never seen this before’

Aussies have been left stunned by illegal fake ‘private’ number plates on a vehicle owned by a driver associated with the sovereign citizen movement.

A photo of the Range Rover sporting the fake plates was snapped at a set of traffic lights in Melbourne and posted to Reddit on Tuesday.

‘What is this license plate? Have never seen this before?’ they wrote.

The license plate has no numbers, only the word ‘PRIVATE’ framed by the words UCC 2022-298-8263-8 and ‘VESSEL IN DRY DOCK UCC 1-308’.

Reddit users were quick to share their theories in the comments.

‘Ah f***. I think it’s one of those sovereign citizens,’ one wrote.

Aussies have been left puzzled by a bizarre ‘private’ license plate on the back of a Range Rover

‘Sovereign citizen. Conspiracy theorists who thinks whole areas of law are invalid,’ another added.

A third joked: ‘Cop bait so they can spew their script about being free people on the land.’

‘Attention seeking d*ckhead,’ another added.

A fourth said: ‘An idiot who’s about to get a massive fine, then refuse to pay it, then watch the situation get progressively worse.’

A fifth added: ‘Highway patrol would have a field day with this. It’s likely an unregistered Range Rover with no Victorian number plate who is not likely to provide license or even pull over when directed to.

‘This is a solid court case for police, they wouldn’t bother issuing tickets, driver would get arrested, disqualified from driving then given court date and released.

‘Also a $1000 impound fee on top. All this because he is too dumb to get a simple number plate.

Sovereign citizens believe that they – not judges, juries, law enforcement or elected officials – should decide which laws to obey and which to ignore.

Most sovereign citizens also do not believe they should have to pay taxes, considering them to be illegitimate.

As part of the burgeoning ideology, sovereigns believe maritime law should be used to govern – even on land.

They also believe capital letters are used on birth certificates to make individuals a corporate entity, not a sovereign person.

One of the tactics employed by some sovereign citizens to assert their autonomy and independence is the use of fake or fraudulent license plates. 

This practice is not only illegal but also poses significant risks to public safety.

Sovereign citizens typically justify this behaviour by arguing that they are not subject to the laws and regulations governing vehicle registration and licensing, asserting that they have the right to create their own identification for their vehicles.