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Stressed-out pregnant tarantula twerks and dances with its absomen as owner tries to re-house it

Stressed-out tarantula looks like it belongs on the dancefloor when it starts TWERKING when her owner wants to rehouse her

A twerking tarantula that belongs on the dance-floor shakes its abdomen in a show of stress as her owner tries to rehouse the egg carrying spider.

Moving side to side with its egg filled abdomen the pregnant spider seems to be twerking in amusing video taken by the spider’s owner as it waits to be re-housed in a plastic container.

The tarantula is a female Pamphobeteus vespertinus who was carrying eggs at the time of the video.  

Stressed out spider does a little jig as its owner tries to prepare a more suitable home for the pregnant tarantula 

Her owner said the dance was due to the stress of waiting to be moved into a different home.

They said: ‘She was stressed because I was rehousing her, that’s why she’s twerking.’

 Female spiders who are ‘gravid’, meaning carrying eggs, often grow larger around the abdomen and eat more than usual.

It is common for tarantula owners to transport their spiders in plastic food containers while preparing their permanent home

An enlarged abdomen means more booty to shake for this spider as it 'dances' from side to side

Shake it to the left, shake it to the right: The tarantula may look like she’s having a good time but in fact the twerking motion is more likely to be brought on by anxiety

 The dancing spider, residing in Denmark, had become anxious after being removed from it’s usual home and put into a plastic food container.

Tarantulas are a quiet pet that doesn’t take up much space. However they don’t often like to be handled, which means they are not ideal pets for children. 

Tarantulas can live eight to ten years and often shrink as they near the end of their life.




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