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Student Accommodation Mistakes to Avoid Near Macquarie University

So, you have decided to study at Macquarie University. But have you decided where to stay? Choosing the right accommodation is crucial as it will have a lot of impact on your academic performance. From student dorms to real homes, you can stay at any place of your choice.

Finding the perfect accommodation gets quite challenging considering the price, location, budget, and total number of roommates. Though reliable platforms like Iglu can help you find suitable accommodation near Macquarie University, you need to be alert.

Delayed Application

If you live in a place with any students, there is usually a high demand for housing, mainly before classes start. So, don’t delay in searching for accommodation. The longer you delay, the fewer options you get.

To get ideal accommodation near your university, you should start applying months before classes start. When you do that, you get access to diverse housing options and enough time to look for better options if the first option is not up to the mark.

Improper Search

Like many students, don’t choose the first accommodation you see. Dorm rooms may seem convenient, but you end up paying much more for a place with barely a room. Instead, search for suitable accommodation by taking time. Check out options such as university dormitories, rented homes/apartments, and pre-furnished student housing.

To save time in searching, you can always get assistance from Iglu and other similar platforms. When looking for properties, evaluate the pros and cons of all options so you can choose the right one that suits you and your needs best.

Ignoring Housing Regulations

Remember, student housing options come with their own set of rules and regulations. They always have a list of things you can/can’t do during your stay. For instance, some accommodations may forbid guests, and others may allow you to entertain friends but have restrictions on people staying over. Some may even have restrictions on what you can cook. Make sure you are well aware of all the rules and regulations before you finalise.

An accommodation with plenty of rules can be difficult to live in, even if it is very comfortable. But be careful of places with no rules and regulations as they can lead to difficulties, like your roommate hosting a loud party at odd hours. Consider your lifestyle and ensure you make no compromise because of the rules followed inside the property.

Distant Living from University

You might prefer accommodation near Macquarie University, but it is so expensive. Then you tend to look for properties far away from the campus.

When you choose a distant place, you may have to travel for an hour or more to reach your university, which is also a waste of time. If you live too far from your university campus, you have less university experience as you cannot easily participate in all events.

This is where platforms like Iglu come in, as they can help you find the perfect accommodation that is both close to your campus and reasonably priced.

Not Knowing the Roommates

As you will be sharing your accommodation with roommates, you need to know who they are in advance. They can have a significant impact on your lifestyle and overall experience. So, try to find roommates who share the same lifestyle as it will make your stay considerably more pleasant.

People may have different tastes, cultures, and even sleep schedules, so only decide on accommodation if you are satisfied with your potential roommates. You need not be from the same country, but it’s best to find a respectful, considerate, and friendly roommate over someone who is ignorant about any other culture except their own.

Furthermore, if they share the same interests as you, it makes the experience more enjoyable for both of you. Having a roommate who can help you with your studies or just having someone who can play your favourite games with you is bound to make your stay even better.

Choosing the ideal student accommodation near Macquarie University is crucial if you wish to make the most of your student life, both academically and socially. Just make sure you steer clear of the above mistakes, and your stay is guaranteed to be more pleasant.