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Study from across the world shows what women look for in men

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What women REALLY want from men: Europeans prioritise kindness over financial security – while a partner with the same religious and political views is more important to US residents

  • Study showed what  women from across the world look for in partners
  • Kindness came out on top as the trait that women wanted in men universally 
  • Showed only half women in the UK care about a men having decent education  

What women want in a long-term partner has fascinated researchers and daters alike for years – but do women from different parts of the world want different things?

The Clue Ideal Partner Survey has seen women from 180 different countries give a unique insight into their most important physical traits and emotional characteristics when it comes to their potential partners. 

The report found that Italian women are by far the most concerned with their partners previous sexual exploits,while those from the US care the most about what religion their future partner is. 

However, there are some things all the women agreed on, for example most women want a man with a nice smile and eyes while the most popular trait of all was kindness.    

1) Less than 45% of women in the UK think financial security is important 2) Women in the US care the most about religion 3) Women in France cared the least about money 4) Women in Japan cared the most about money 5) Women in Brazil cared the most about political opinion  6) Italy cares the most about short-term partner’s previous sexual experiences 

When it came to the financial security of their long-term partner, European women were less likely to place importance on how much is in their partner’s bank account. 

While Japan came out on top, France was the country that cared the least about money – and the UK was somewhere in the middle, with just under half of those asked feeling it was an important factor .  

 Next up was whether the women cared about their other half’s education – with women in Colombia the most concerned.  

However women from European countries like Denmark and the U.K. were less likely to find education as very important, with only half of British women surveyed thinking a decent education mattered.  

What women really want in a partner


Japan 66.7%

Mexico 60.8%

USA 59.8%

Colombia 58.9%

UK 42.4% 

Denmark 41.9%  

Spain 38.31%  

Germany 38.5% 

Italy 38.1% 

France 34.0%


Brazil 44.2%

USA 43.6%

Russia 19.6%

Mexico 17.1%

France 15.5%


Mexico 79.2%

Argentina 78.0%

Colombia 75.1%

Spain 73.9%

France 58.5%

U.K. 52.0%

Germany 49.5%


Colombia 82.0%

Mexico 80.8%

Brazil  80.7%

Denmark (55.4%

UK 50.2%


Italy 75.5%

France 65.7%

Mexico Over 30% 

U.S  Less than 30%

U.K Less than 25% 


U.S.A 39.5%

Colombia 35.2%

Brazil 33.0%

Japan 31.9%

Germany 20.8%

France 21.2%


Taller partner 90%

Attractive smile 80%

Nice eyes 70%

Large penis 60%

Average body type 44% 

Another issue the women were quizzed on, was whether they would be put off a long-term partner had a different political viewpoint to them. 

 It seemed that women in Columbia cared the most, but once again British women were divided on the issue.

 Next up was your potential partner’s ideology –  with many countries concerned with which religion their long-term relationship belonged to although the overall figures remained relatively low. 

Women living in the US placed the highest importance on a long-term partner’s religious similarity while European countries were far more unconcerned about their partner’s ideology.  

When it came to short-term partner’s, women were asked whether they would be concerned about their  other half’s past sexual exploits. 

Italy were very concerned with their partner’s previous lovers and scored the highest by far, 

While every country saw kindness as a desirable trait, some where more concerned than others.  

Women from Mexico, were most likely to view kindness as an important quality in a short-term partner while those as compared to those in France, the U.K. – who were far less concerned. 

Some things we can all agree on – and for women who identified as heterosexual, all over the world analysis showed most want a man who was tall with an attractive smile and eyes. 

This was followed by an average-sized penis, which is considerably more desirable than a large penis, however it was seen that women with more sexual experience were more likely to place more importance on penis size. 

However it seemed that most women didn’t care too much about their partner’s body type. 



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