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Stunning image of the Andromeda galaxy takes top prize in astronomy photographer of the year 2020

As well as the overall winner, there are category winners including galaxies, aurorae, our own Moon, the Sun, people and space, planets, comets and asteroids and skyscapes. There are also prizes for young astronomers and the best newcomer.

Other category winning images including the breath-taking Aurora Borealis above Hamn i Senja, Skaland, Norway taken by Nicolas Roemmelt in Germany in the aurora category and pictures of Jupiter and its moons by Lukasz Sujka.   

Sujka, from Poland, showcases the alignment of our moon and Jupiter, framed by three of Jupiter’s moons in his image that won the planets, comets and asteroids category.

A remarkable illustration of ‘The Prison of Technology’, the satellite trails between earth and the Albireo double star, won the people and space category – taken by photographer Rafael Schmall of Hungary. 

Best Newcomer Bence Toth won with a stunning image of the central region of the California Nebula, and the young competition winner was an image of four planets and the Moon by 11-year-old Alice Fock Hang.