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Style Inspiration for New Eyeglasses in 2021

7 Eyeglasses Inspired by Cinema Icons

At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll find the world’s leading eyewear brands along with high-quality budget-friendly brands. Shopping there is super easy and fun thanks to the latest technological innovations on their site such as Virtual Try-On. Let’s take a look at the trends that are here to stay well beyond this year for all you glasses wearers out there!

Oversized Aviators – SmartBuy Collection Tempe

A cool spin on the classic aviator style is hot in 2021. These stainless steel aviator eyeglasses from the SmartBuy Collection will refresh your look, be easy on your wallet and last a very long time. Not sure whether they would suit you? Use SmartBuyGlasses game-changing Virtual Try-on tool to take a selfie video of yourself and see how it will look on you without having to get off your couch!

Style Inspiration for New Eyeglasses in 2021

Round Metals – SmartBuy Collection Goold

While these specs look like they’d be from a luxury eyewear brand, they’re actually quite cheap and bang on-trend. Round metal eyeglasses are to gain popularity throughout the year, and for good reason. They can elevate your look thanks to their classy metallic frames.

Style Inspiration for New Eyeglasses in 2021

Elegant Reading Glasses – SmartBuy Readers Elvi

Who said that reading glasses have to be plain and simple like the ones we’ve seen in the past decade? This new year, show off your readers. Tortoiseshell glasses like these from SmartBuy Readers will keep the compliments coming all day long, whether you’re reading at the library or sporting them at a Zoom party!

Style Inspiration for New Eyeglasses in 2021

Check out more fashionable designs on SmartBuyGlasses. While you’re shopping there, don’t forget to add their zFORTTM blue light blocking technology at the checkout. This will ensure that for this year and beyond, your new glasses will perform well, not just in the fashion arena, but in the protective field too!