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Sunshine brings 80f heat and it’s set fair for Cricket World Cup, Silverstone and Wimbledon tomorrow

Lovely sporting weather! Sunshine brings 80f heat and it’s set fair for Cricket World Cup final, Silverstone Grand Prix and Wimbledon men’s final tomorrow

  • Area of warm high pressure will hold off the rain for much of the UK and give highs of 80f in the south
  • Cricket World Cup and Wimbledon men finals in London will be untouched by rain today and tomorrow
  • Small chance that Silverstone track could suffer drizzle later today but the Grand Priz will be dry on Sunday


Sporting fans can sit back and relax with a weekend of unspoiled sporting action as the weather plans to take a back seat, forecasters have said. 

The UK is set for three days of dry, fine and sunny weather with balmy highs of 80f starting from today and lasting at least until Tuesday.

A bumper weekend of sport planned at Lord’s Cricket Ground, Wimbledon’s tennis courts and the Silverstone racing track have a near-zero chance of any adverse weather.

Forecasters have said that a plume hot air pushing up from the Atlantic Azores Islands will hold an area of high pressure over the UK, cutting off the moisture supply.

A yoga enthusiast out and about early at Durley Chine in Bournemouth on what promises to be another lovely sunny day by the coast Seasonal weather. The south coast is expected to reel in sunshine with a high of 80f (25C)


After starting this morning with a thin covering of cloud, the sunshine has been able to creep through and will continue to brighten the skies throughout the day.

The rest of the weekend is set for sunny spells with only isolated showers in the highlands of Scotland.

There is only a minimal prospect of showers coming from the hills of Scotland if they drift far enough south, according to the Met Office.

The south coast will benefit most and will reel in the sunshine with a high of 80f, with clouds few and far between.

London and Southampton are expected to see highs of 23C, while Cardiff and Exeter will peak at 21C.

Yoga enthusiasts were seen out and about early at Durley Chine in Bournemouth to make the most of calm coastal weather.

However, forecasters have warned sun-lovers that still dry and fine spell is not set to last, with torrential downpours and thunder predicted to return mid-week.

Met Office meteorologist Nicola Maxey said: ‘We have high pressure building this weekend and although there will be the risk of the odd shower in central and northern parts of the country there will be plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures as air comes up from the Azores.

‘We expect the good weather to hold out this weekend and through Monday.’                           


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