Swedish church outraged as nude club opens down the road

A church in central Stockholm, Sweden has expressed outrage after a nude night club opened up down the road. 

Klubb Naket encourages guests to ‘come naked, come as you are’, and if guests leave all their clothes in the cloak room, entry is free.

The concept has upset a church located just a few hundred yards down the road, with the church pastor declaring the pro-nudity event ‘a hotbed of depression’.

The Swedish Sin: Klubb Naket in Stockholm encourages guests to ‘come naked, come as you are’ – a concept which has upset a nearby church (pictured)

Klubb Naket’s organisers describe their weekly club event as ‘an electronic club aimed at the queer and fetish community where openness and sexual freedom is part of our manifesto.

‘It is a plus if you come naked – if you take your clothes off in the cloak room = free entry.

‘At Klubb Naket there are dark corners and hideaways – or ‘make out rooms’ as we call them – where you and your friends can do what you feel like there and then… 

‘We serve up the best music for you, you feel at home and let what happens happens. Come naked. Come as you are. Do what you want. It all stays here. ‘

Klubb Naket’s manager David Cakir told local newspapers that Saturday’s launch night had been ‘a full house, around 400 people’. 

‘There was a nice level of nudity over all, but clearly it got more and more naked the later the hour. It got pretty hot in there as well,’ Mr Cakir told StockholmDirekt with a laugh.

At the club there are 'dark corners and hideaways' and 'make out rooms' where people 'can do what [they] feel'

At the club there are ‘dark corners and hideaways’ and ‘make out rooms’ where people ‘can do what [they] feel’

However, the nearby Sodermalmskyrkan were not as pleased with the sell-out success of the nude night club on their doorstep. 

‘What is happening now on Sodermalm can have serious consequences, the club becomes a hotbed of depression and humans having their souls broken down,’ Pastor Lennart Torebring told the website. 

‘Everyone knows children need boundaries, doing what you want is not good for you. We don’t need less boundaries just because we get older.’ 

Representatives for Klubb Naket said security and ‘safe zone guards’ circulate the club throughout the evening, adding that they actively work to prevent sexism, and have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against racism and harassment.

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