Swim Confidently With A Colostomy Bag

After recovery from stoma surgery, most stomata wonder whether they can swim. Most of the victims are faced with an overwhelming question: can you swim with a colostomy. You can swim as well as surf scuba dive and relax at the hot tub. It’s so anxious to swim but worrying after undergoing a stomate surgery; however, with a colostomy bag, you will find it more appealing. There are no colostomy restrictions that should adhere to swimming, whether in a public or private place. Swim with confidence at the pool.

So, if you recovered from a stomate surgery, then swimming is flawless activity to keep you amused. Indeed, it is an ideal exercise that works out in every body part. You can start with a slow swim as you gently gain and build up your stamina. There is no best explanation that you can’t swim with a colostomy bag, but you need to overcome that fear. Below is a solution to overcome that fear;

  • I have a fear of water leak into my pouch

You must note that your pouch system is water-resistant and is designed for a perfect fit to help avoid any leakage. Might you have dietary concerns? Well, ensure you eat a few hours before you opt to swim, as this will help empty your pouch before you dive. Worry no more about how you will hold water, it’s simple practice a bathtub soak. With this practice, you will help curb any exotic skin barrier/ water or the colostomy bag before you swim. Although not necessarily essential to use waterproofs may provide peace of mind. With much ostomy supplies in the market, you can figure out the best that suits you. When you find that your pouch has got a vent, it is wise to use the provided sticker to cover the hole to be left with the filter.

  • Try on your swimsuit

Can swimming be comfortable after the stoma onset? But how, you may have asked this question. It is so easy, typically have your swimsuit on with you. Wear it while at the bath or shower place because that way you will be comfortable as it feels wet.

Light-colored wear is preferable than a darker or patterned one. However, ladies’ choices exist as boyleg and patterned one-piece swimsuits. When it’s a two swimsuit, opt for the one with a combination of tankini tops and boy shorts or high-waisted bottoms. Also, a ruffle or skirt concealing suit can be an option.

For men, a longed leg or higher cut waist trunk can be ideal. With the addition of undergarment rest, you are assured of more support. It’s unsurprising to note that most ostomates use their preferred suits to swim. You too, you can swim with a colostomy bag when you have your preferred swimsuit.

  • Test your pouch security

Before you dive into the pool, ensure that your pouch is tight and won’t be weak when in contact with water. To rest you assured on your colostomy bag tightness, have a seat at the bathtub to prove and ascertain all is well with your pouch. Even with a two pieced system, chances of your pouch pan out are minimal.

Depending on your stoma location, choose that swimwear that adds protection to your colostomy bag. For women, a wrapper & throw can be considered compared to swimsuits.

  • Change with confidence

Don’t be afraid to plug off your clothes in front of people while at the locker or changing room. Indeed, it shouldn’t be your concern because you can put on a long shirt that will cover your body. If you find it challenging to change in front of people, do it at your home and come prepared. But if you can do it in people’s presence well and good, you can drop a towel on your shoulder to cover your stoma from view.

  • Get ready to dive

After you have ascertained everything is well in your pouch, you can now dive into the pool. However, for extra security of your colostomy bag/pouch, it’s ideal if you wear a bathing snug suit. The snug suit will keep the colostomy bag in its place.

Bottom line

You can swim with a colostomy bag since having a stoma isn’t a challenge because stoma belts are a protective measure all day and night. Ideally, talk to your doctor to determine the best exercise you can undertake after stoma surgery. Perhaps swimming is possible based on your stamina. All said, can you swim with a colostomy bag confidently today, nothing is holding you back.