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Swiss mother is jailed for sexually abusing her own daughter, five

An evil mother has been jailed for just four years for sexually abusing her five-year-old daughter after signing an agreement to become a sex slave for her ‘online master’.

Sara I, 31, was sentenced by a court in the Swiss city of St Gallen for abusing her own child with sex toys and broadcasting it to a married father-of-three in Germany.

The mother regarded the pervert – 53-year-old Frank Heitmueller – as her owner and told him she wanted him to take her daughter’s virginity. 

Evil mother Sara I, pictured, was sentenced to just more than four years in prison for the sick abuse of her daughter

The mother (right) filmed herself sexually abusing her own daughter and broadcast it to Frank Heitmueller (left) who is married father-of-three

Heitmueller recorded the abuse and watched it back later for his enjoyment, the court heard.  

Sara I, whose identity has been restricted due to privacy laws in Switzerland, regarded Heitmueller as her ‘master’ and had signed a certificate to say she had sold her soul to him. 

It stated: ‘I give my body, mind and soul to him and from then on I confirm I am his object and property.’

Shockingly, she also wrote in the agreement: ‘I also entrust the upbringing of my beloved daughter to him.’

Sara I started to sexually abuse her daughter by massaging her between her legs, which escalated to using sex toys on her.   

In court, the abusive mother showed remorse in court and said she felt ‘disgusted at what I did to my daughter’.  

Heitmueller told the court he denied the accusations, saying he was only concerned with maintaining his online relationship with Sara I, which he claimed caused things to get out of hand.

Heitmueller said: ‘I’m not a paedophile, I have three children myself.’

As Sara I’s master, he had ordered her not to call her daughter by her name in their webcam talks out of fear they might be discovered, giving her the nickname ‘Piglet’ instead.

The child abuse was discovered when Heitmueller’s wife found the shocking material on his computer and called the police.

Investigators found that he had also sent pictures of his penis to Sara I so that she could show it to her daughter for her to ‘get used to it’.

A Swiss judge was sentenced Sara I to four years and three months in prison. 

The same court sentenced Heitmueller to five years behind bars.

Both and has been banned from any activities involving regular contact children for ten years and both will have to undergo a psychological outpatient procedure.