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Talkspace Gives The Text Therapy 101

According to Talkspace, there are many different types of therapy but talk therapy is the one people recognize best. This form of therapy allows people to examine their feelings and perceptions by talking about them. Talkspace offers a detailed look into how talk therapy can benefit individuals.

How Does Talk Therapy Work?

Talk therapy provides an avenue for people to discuss their mental and emotional issues with a professional. For many, talking to a relative or close friend about their problems is not as helpful as talk therapy. An individual’s relatives and close friends, though they may be well-meaning, are usually not trained to help people work out their mental health problems. Moreover, relatives and close friends are emotionally invested in the individual they are talking to; thus, it is hard for them to remain objective and offer advice that is not based on the love or reverence they have for that person. Unlike relatives and close friends, licensed therapists do not have a personal connection to the individual they are talking to; additionally, they are trained to help people explore the depths of their problems and find meaningful solutions. For some, it is best to engage in talk therapy for a short amount of time, and, for others, it is best to engage in it for prolonged periods of time. Some talk therapy sessions follow a structured format while others follow an unstructured format that resembles an informal conversation.

What Are the Various Kinds of Talk Therapy?

There are various kinds of talk therapy, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), psychodynamic therapy, and humanistic therapy. CBT helps people alter negative thought patterns by dealing with their behavioural responses to unpleasant situations. DBT is a type of CBT; it helps people deal with their interpersonal issues. Psychodynamic therapy gives people the opportunity to examine their past experiences so that they can better comprehend their present actions. And humanistic therapy can be existential or client-centred in nature, allowing people to examine multiple facets of their life.

How is Talk Therapy Different From Medication Therapy?

Based on information from Talkspace, while talk therapy aims to help people improve their mental health by focusing on their experiences and environment, medication therapy aims to help people improve their mental health by addressing chemical imbalances in their brain. People afflicted with severe mental disorders typically engage in a combination of talk therapy and prescription drug use.

How Can Someone Find a Therapist Who Specializes in Talk Therapy?

To find a therapist who specializes in talk therapy, first conduct research to find the best therapeutic approach. Next, collect recommendations from those who have engaged in talk therapy. Then, contact therapists based on those recommendations. Upon finding a therapist, verbalize all expectations. If needed, seek another therapist who can meet those expectations. Lastly, consider alternative therapy options like online or group therapy; these alternative options can offer people more flexibility or a chance to develop their interpersonal skills. Note that more and more people are utilizing online therapy as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.