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Talkspace On World Mental Health Day; Let’s Invest In Community Wellbeing

“I’m going to fix my tooth in jail; this was a famous joke to many communities,” Lorenzo Jones. Dental work grim has revealed an alarming truth; prisons in the United States are the most significant healthcare providers. This is grim is again valid for mental healthcare. Three jails in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York are the most prominent mental health destinations that offer inpatient Psychiatry care.

On October 10th; World Mental Health Day

Usually, October 10th is the World Health Organization’s World Mental Health Day. The theme of this year was “Let’s Invest.” This is a calling to all governments worldwide to invest heavily in national and international mental health infrastructures. The majority of the world’s countries spend approximately 2% of yearly health budgets to boost mental health. This is slightly low. The world should know that investing in mental health is the most cost-effective way to improve economic, physical, and psychological wellbeing.

WHO program aims at expanding the mental health coverage to more than 100 million people in 12 countries, including Zimbabwe, Paraguay, and Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, the United States is not on the list, yet its citizens are spending more than the comparable national economy to solve their health care issues, especially the mental health instability; the nation has seen higher suicide rates that lower life expectancy. The private health care facilities offer optimal mental health care that is beyond the rich of most Americans.

Jones’s firsthand information is right. Mental health in the United States is more concentrated within the jails and prisons and not at the hands of organizations and community members. “We are in a society with punishment culture rather than the care culture” Amber Akemi Piatt, Director of Health of Punishment Program at the Human Impact Partners.

US streets are now overwhelmed with feelings. This year, there was a calling for the country to defund police and invest in public health, education, and housing. WHO again has called all countries to improve the mental health infrastructure? Therefore, we need to examine why American healthcare Investment is a carceral system. How are the public health officers and the community organizers fighting to relocate the available funds?

On Talkspace, Jones talk about the mass incarceration and the drug war that is existing. He said that” Our Healthcare system is under drug war, it’s the gateway for criminal justice. There has been an uneasy marriage between mental healthcare and mass incarceration. Talkspace highlight how it can extend back to colonialism and slavery. The US economy might fund.

When racism, medical, and psychiatric abuse are combined with stigma on people suffering from mental health issues, a system equipped to punish psychiatric patients will be created. Not a conducive environment for the mentally sick. Social connection is the most significant determinant of mental and physical wellbeing, it’s a daunting task for people to get well in a cell. “It’s a tragic irony for criminalization to be part of a system with massive infrastructure. Normal people are out of mind, out of sight and many are being locked up in isolation areas that keep them out of connection and the entire community.” Amber Piatt on Talkspace.


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