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Tango shoes for women, the key to success.

The origin of this sensual Argentine dance emerged in the 1880s, goes back to when Argentina and Uruguay were under the dominion of the Spanish Empire, and its ports served as traffic centers for enslaved people. Tango is the fusion of Afro-Riojan, Gaucho, and European dances and rhythms.

In tango, every smooth movement across the dance floor is decisive for a good connection with the music and reacting to the partner’s moves.

In the tango, elegance in the dancers’ costumes is very important, but above all, it is vital that they feel comfortable with the selected clothing. But when choosing a tango shoe, not only aesthetics is essential.

The dancers of tango wear special tango shoes that are perfect for enjoying tango music and tango dance. A right tango shoe can help improve the technique and help to make movements more natural.

Importance of soles in tango shoes

For a tango dancer, the shape of the shoe is essential. It is directly related to the anatomy of the foot. The height of the heel, the comfort of stepping on, the type of sole are essential elements to discover in the world of tango.

In the case of women, shoes for ballroom dancing usually have a thick heel to ensure stability in the dance. However, in the case of tango, the heel should not necessarily meet this requirement because the stability in dance is given by the support that your partner guarantees.

In the case of beginners who start in the tango dance, it is advisable to wear closed shoes to contain the foot better, and in this way, protection is provided to the fingers against possible blows or footsteps.

Also, beginners who consider taking continuous tango lessons, then it is advisable to purchase tango shoes, which are like a kind of shoe but with heels.

Sole of female shoes in tango

The difference between ordinary shoes and tango dancing shoes is much stronger for females than for males. The changes are both visual and structural.

The importance of the soles of tango shoes, which by the same dynamics of the dance must allow the shoe to slide enough to not be “stuck” in a movement, but it should not be such material either slippery to make an unwanted fall occur during the dance. The midpoint is ideal, and, in this sense, the shoes they have on the chrome sole are the ideals to achieve that grace sought in the movement of tango.

When choosing shoes for tango, you have to take certain considerations. It is advisable to meet particular needs, such as the possibility of maintaining balance and making turns with relative ease.

Where can you buy tango shoes in London?

Yuyo Brujo specializes in tango shoes, with exquisite shapes and an impeccable finish. These tango shoes surprise by their careful combination of colors and textures — gold and black, monochrome models, or with a beautiful gradient. Yuyo Brujo makes shoes that are both beautiful and feel great to dance in.

Yuyo Brujo is located in London but has workshops in Spain. Yuyo Brujo tango shoes are manufactured with quality materials and unique designs.

Yuyo Brujo also offers shoes with three heel heights so that each dancer can choose the one that best suits her way of dancing or those she considers most comfortable.

The Yuyo Brujo has a studio in London where it offers the possibility of trying on shoes.

You’re more than welcome to come and visit Yuyo Brujo London studio for a fit, try and buy professional tango shoes in London.

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