Tash Peterson boyfriend Jack Higgs arrested at Perth pony show for not complying with police orders

The boyfriend of well-known vegan activist Tash Peterson has been arrested for refusing to comply with a police officer’s ‘move on’ order after allegedly disrupting a children’s pony show. 

Jack Higgs was arrested by WA Police for not following an officer’s directions to leave the Piara Waters Market at Novelli Parade in Perth’s south on Sunday.

Mr Higgs was at the markets to record and photograph protesters, namely his girlfriend, as they objected to a business called ‘Ponies for any occasion’.

The business dresses ponies up in a number of costumes, the most popular of which is a unicorn outfit.

‘They enslave ponies and dress them up in a variety of costumes… so they can be commodified for children’s entertainment,’ Mr Higgs told Daily Mail Australia. 

He later posted footage of his arrest to his TikTok and Youtube channel, where officers can be seen issuing him with the move on order for ‘annoying everyone’.

Mr Higgs and the protestors had been at the grounds for around 30 minutes before the officers arrived.

‘At this point in time I was standing around 10 metres behind the activists and pulled out my camera to film the interaction behind the police and the activists,’ Mr Higgs said.

‘However, as I did this the Sergeant Detective immediately approached me and told me I could not film him. I said I had every right to film and then he pulled me aside to give me a move on order.’

In the Youtube video, an officer informs Mr Higgs that he and the group will be issued a move on order for protesting the pony show. 

Ms Peterson can be seen in the footage holding a placard.

In the video Mr Higgs and his companions can be seen arguing with officers about the reasoning behind the order.

When asked why they received a move on order, the officer states: ‘Because of the way in which the group’s operating, the way you’ve been asked to be moved on by other people.’

Mr Higgs, encouraged by Ms Peterson and another companion, refused to sign the order as the officer warned he would be arrested if he refused to comply.

The boyfriend of infamous vegan protestor Tash Peterson, Jack Higgs (pictured), was arrested at a kids’ pony show in Perth for not complying with a move on order from a police officer

‘This isn’t going to look good, is it?’ Mr Higgs suggested to the officer during the exchange.

‘Sound like it’s time to sue the WA cops,’ one of his companions was heard to say.

Mr Higgs continued to question the reasoning behind the order as the officer says: ‘You will be arrested. Start walking.’

‘We’ll leave,’ Mr Higgs replied.

The officer then turned Mr Higgs around and placed him in handcuffs, walking him back to a police car.

Ms Peterson then attached a microphone to her boyfriend’s collar to record the arrest. 

Mr Higgs then started to berate the officer, calling him a ‘bloody tyrant’.

‘Do you realise how disgusting this is going to look?’ he then asked the officer.

Turning to address the camera, he stated: ‘This is the type of police state we live in, in WA.’

As he approached the car, Ms Peterson jumped in front of the officer to record him.

‘I’m going to complain about you. You’re disgusting,’ she told the officer.

‘He shouldn’t keep his job, he probably will though because he’s in WA,’ Mr Higgs said, before being placed in the back of the police vehicle.

Mr Higgs posted the footage of his arrest to TikTok and Youtube, in which he called an officer a 'tyrant' and 'disgusting'

Mr Higgs posted the footage of his arrest to TikTok and Youtube, in which he called an officer a ‘tyrant’ and ‘disgusting’

After being arrested, Mr Higgs was taken to Canning Vale Police Station where he says officers ‘temporarily took belongings as evidence, took my DNA sample, fingerprints and photographs’.

‘I’m now awaiting my court summons for refusing to move on, of which I’ll likely plead not guilty to.’ 

The infamous pair of protestors have since been lambasted online by social media users after posting the videos.

‘We’re leaving, actually stands more still,’ one user wrote.

‘[He] thought people were gonna chose his side,’ a second user wrote.

”I said I was leaving’ but you weren’t,’ a third wrote.

‘Officer needs pay rise,’ a fourth wrote. 

However, some users supported Mr Higgs and his companions.

‘Thank you for doing what you do Jack, ignore the arrogance in the comments,’ a TikTok user wrote.

‘Stay strong you legends. Love and hugs and hope and resilience and strength and compassion to you all,’ a comment on Youtube reads. 

WA Police allege that a 23-year-old man failed to comply with a move-on order and was arrested.

The man was charged with one count of failure to obey an order from an officer and is due to appear in Armadale Magistrates Court on March 10. 

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