Tasmania jumping castle tragedy as security guard remains behind to hug mourners

The incredible story behind the photo that shocked Australia – as a security guard’s act of kindness is revealed after bouncy castle horror at Tasmania school

An off-duty security guard remained behind at the site of a horrific jumping castle tragedy that left five children dead to console grieving families in Tasmania.

The security guard chose to remain behind for the entire night and offer hugs to mourners who visited a memorial set up at Devonport on Thursday night. 

Tasmanian Police Commissioner Darren Hine confirmed two boys and two girls died in the incident, and another five children were in hospital, four in a critical condition and one with serious injuries.

In a statement on Thursday evening police later confirmed a fifth child had died in hospital.

Two police officers console each other at Hillcrest Primary School, in Tasmania, after four children were killed when a jumping castle flew ten metres into the air 

Tasmania Police said the children fell from a height of about 10 metres after the wind picked up the jumping castle and several inflatable zorb balls.

Commissioner Darren Hine said an investigation will take ‘some time’ as many witnesses needed to be interviewed.

Police have not revealed many details about how the incident unfolded.

‘We’ll be supplying a report to the coroner in conjunction with WorkSafe Tasmania,’ Commissioner Hine told reporters on Thursday afternoon.

‘That will take some time to complete and once that’s completed it will be handed to the coroner for an inquest.’

Tasmania’s Education Department will provide support to children, families and staff in coming days and into the school holidays, while counselling has also been offered to first responders.

‘Our approach is being guided by our senior psychologists, who are trained in trauma-informed practice,’ Secretary Tim Bullard said.

‘What has occurred is a tragedy and there are no words that I can give that would take away the grief that those impacted families are feeling right now.’

Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein passed on his sympathies to loved ones.

‘On a day when schoolchildren were celebrating the end of term so close to Christmas, it’s simply inconceivable something this shocking has occurred,’ he said.

Hillcrest Primary School closed on Thursday and told parents to urgently pick up their children not long after the fatal accident.

Several rescue helicopters were used to transport the children to hospital.

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