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Tax Audit Offers Direction On CP14 Notification From IRS

Taxpayers are advised not to neglect any notification sent from the IRS, whether justifiable or by error.

Today, the country’s biggest tax representation service for tax debt audit and relief, Tax Audit, released a direction and advice to taxpayers who recently got the CP14 Notice from IRS. The CP14 Notice is a bill-issued or computerized letter from the IRS to notify taxpayers of their unpaid and pending taxes. The IRS has been extremely affected by the recent national health crisis that has resulted in more than 20 million backlogged notifications and about 11 million neglected taxpayer letters that probably include the payments. Consequently, taxpayers have received notifications concerning previous due payments regardless of having paid them, which has caused panic among the taxpayers of impending tax debts.

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The Director of Tax Services, Arnold van Dyk, Esq., stated that taxpayers are always stressed whenever they receive a notification from the IRS and they were seeing several Tax Audit members receiving the CP14 Notice even without unpaid bills. Even though the IRS has discovered that these notifications might have been automatically sent which many would be in error, it remains the responsibility of the taxpayer to correct the situation. He continued that it is not advisable to neglect any notice from the IRS, but considering the current backlog of mails, it would be advisable to exercise patience until the situation is settled if you have already made payment by mail on time. Tax Audit is currently working with its members and the IRS to make sure that taxpayers do not pay more or even enter a tax debt.

The tips provided by TaxAudit are:

Don’t Neglect the IRS

Taxpayers should always evaluate the CP14 Notice to discover if the displayed amount is not erroneously sent.

Determine if your cheques are cleared if you sent taxes by mail

You should carefully evaluate your bank account and guarantee that your payment has been processed by the IRS.

In a situation where your check has not cleared

There are situations where the IRS is yet to cash your cheque. You need to exercise patience for the IRS to become less overwhelmed with the enormous backlog of mail payments. Avoid canceling the cheque and ensure that the funds in your account can cover the amount.

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In a situation where the cheque has cleared.

You can reach out to the IRS directly to resolve the issue, although you might also need to exercise patience for the IRS to resolve the issue.

If you have outstanding taxes and yet to make payments

Ensure that the payment is submitted to the IRS on or before the due date provided on the notice.

In a situation where you don’t have sufficient funds to pay, other options are available

Taxpayers can develop an installment or payment plan or apply for a compromise offer to ascertain if the IRS will be willing to receive a lesser amount than the initial due payment. If taxpayers can reveal that they have difficulty making payments as a result of financial issues, they can make delayed payments when due.

TaxAudit assists more than 12 million taxpayers to relieve the burden encountered by providing Tax Debt Relief Assistance and tax audit representation. This company collaborates with taxpayers from the beginning to provide the best resolution possible.

Taxpayers with CP14 Notice issues or have uncertainty about their present tax condition can reach out to TaxAudit for help and get connected to an experienced tax representative that will assist with their current specific tax condition.

Please Note: These short tips are only applicable to taxpayers with difficulty meeting up with their due payments and to prevent falling into tax debts.

Please, invest some time into discovering the IRS regulations to bring you up to speed about its eligibility, exemptions, deductions, and any other information that can be useful in reducing your tax debts.

About TaxAudit

TaxAudit is the country’s biggest tax representation service with more than 12 million taxpayers comprising of both individuals and small businesses. Tax Audit is a service that provides tax relief to taxpayers with difficulties by providing Tax Debt Relief Assistance and Tax audit representation.

Professional tax relief and representation are offered to taxpayers having tax debts and under evaluation at a price that the taxpayer can’t afford. Tax Audit collaborates with taxpayers from the initial consultation and evaluation by providing the best resolution possible.

The headquarter of the Tax Audit is in Folsom, CA but its representation service can be performed irrespective of the taxpayer’s location.

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